Men's Style Madness: Round 1, 6 vs 11

A Crooner, Comedians, and Kardashian Companions

Ready for round six? Because it’s ready for you. So get your vote on!

This tournament is brought to you by the custom menswear experts at IndochinoWhy custom? Because nothing looks or feels like clothing made just for you. Join the ranks of these stylish competitors today.


Kanye West VS Kevin Hart


What is there to say about Kanye and his style? Or, here’s a better question: what is there not to say about Kanye and his style? Yeezy has a look that is truly all his own: he’s a member of the leather jogger team (its captain, probably), proponent of equal cleavage rights, presented a post-apocalyptic-ready Adidas collection at New York Fashion Week, and has transformed Kim’s closet, taking her from Paris Hilton’s assistant to VIFRFP (that’s “Very Important Front Row Fashion Person”).

But is it enough to take him to the top?


Let’s just get this out of the way now: here at SG HQ, we harbor an irrational love for Kevin Hart’s style. It defies logic. We love how the diminutive comedian refuses to shy away from bright colors and loud prints that might otherwise overwhelm his frame, if not worn with perfect tailoring and a huge dose of confidence. We can’t help it. We’re rooting for the Philadelphian funny man – a loud guy, in both the volume of his voice and his style. But hey, don’t let that sway you.



John Legend  VS Andrew Garfield


John Legend is married to a model, so – like Bradley Cooper – you can expect he takes fashion very seriously. This is not a guy who’s heading out in sweats, ever. Because if anyone looks like he might be more comfortable in a suit, it’s Legend. He’s also photographed smiling 99% of the time – the one accessory that works with every outfit 100% of the time.


Former Spiderman and current Emma Stone boyfriend works great style with an air of effortlessness. His looks are never overwhelming, and tend to wash over you with a reassuring wave of “Hey, I think I could pull that off myself!” Right up our alley of perfect style inspiration – motivation to try something different without intimidation that it won’t work.



Aziz Ansari VS Josh Gad


Like Hart, Ansari’s a comedian of smaller stature with big style. He understands that when you’re shorter, the fit counts double. Everything you see him wearing – from plaid suits to Unis khakis, are tailored to perfection – barely a break in sight. His Parks & Rec character Tommy Haverford also taught us the importance of treating yourself, a style testament that should never be forgotten.


If you guys don’t recognize Josh Gad, you’d definitely recognize him by his voice – he is that snowman your daughter/niece/Disney-obsessed girlfriend keeps asking if you want to build. On the total opposite spectrum, he was also one of the lead roles in The Book of Mormon, aka South Park on Broadway – so dude’s got range. While he doesn’t always nail the fit (that suit on the right makes us a little sad), when he gets it right, like in that sharp blue number above, he shows that you doesn’t need an athlete’s physique to look great in clothes.



Scott Disick VS David Oyelowo


It’s so easy to hate on Scott Disick, but it’s also so easy to love his monogram loafer collection. While the other Kardashian Kouple nabbed the cover of Vogue (*audible grumbling*), we can’t help but admire Scott’s mix of bold and preppy fashion choices. Also, his son could easily be considered for a Baby’s Style Madness, which we consider a direct reflection of Scott’s sartorial influence.


Obviously you know David for his role as MLK, Jr. in Selma, but are you also familiar with his impeccable suit game? We googled “David Oyelowo casual,” and he was still in jacket and real pants. That means he either a) doesn’t wear sweatpants on the weekend, or b) he doesn’t get caught wearing sweatpants on the weekend. Actually, the latter might be an even greater style accomplishment than the former.


Make sure to vote before 9PM EDT tonight – and make a case for your picks in the comments below!