Men’s Style Madness: Round 2, 3rd Heat

Men’s Style Madness: Round 2, 3rd Heat

It's coming down to fit

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 3 min read

Round 2 ends today – and don’t forget to vote in the 4th Heat, here!

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This tournament is brought to you by the custom menswear experts at IndochinoWhy custom? Because nothing looks or feels like clothing made just for you. Join the ranks of these stylish competitors today.


George Clooney VS Kevin Hart

ocean's eleven

Have to say I was surprised dad jeans made it to Round 2. Clooney’s suit game is obviously on point, but his casual wear is very…casual. He’s a great looking guy so he definitely has a little more wiggle room, but lets focus on style, people, and the full spectrum of it. Suits alone can’t get you through!


Kevin Hart #atyourservice

Kevin has a great attitude towards style. He’s not afraid to take a chance on an unusual item – such as a white-piped black suit – and he loves to wear color. His choice in slim leg pants lengthen his frame, and definitely look a thousand times more flattering than dad pants.


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Benedict Cumberbatch VS Andrew Garfield


dr. whoWe all knew Benedict was going to make it to Round 2. His clothing is perfectly tailored – which we all know is the secret to making clothes look their best. Should we be calling him Best Fit Benedict? Because even his casual pants look nice, because they’re cut just right.


spiderman, beard

It’s easy to see why Andrew made it to Round 2; He wears simple, well-made pieces that aren’t crazy, and everything fits him. His style isn’t that different to Benedict’s, so I guess the question, is who does it better?


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Chris Hemsworth VS Aziz Ansari


thor, superhero movies

Is the vest the best? Sure, Hemsworth cleans up nice, but I think what separates Chris and the other Hemsworths from standard Hollywood style is the vest.  I’m not attributing the creation of the vest with a tee look to the Hemsworths, I’m just saying that they own it and everyone else should probably accept and respect that.


madison square garden

Aziz is just as sharp as Tommy Haverford. As a slim guy, he knows slim clothes are the most flattering fit, and sticks with those. Having found the perfect shape, he keeps things interesting with unique fabrics and textures. He also wears suits for his stand up acts, so even if I want to just have it on in the background while I do other work, I have to watch because he always look so good.


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Eddie Redmayne VS Scott Disick


theory of everything

The pairing of Eddie and Scott is definitely a close one. Both gentlemen know great fit, and accessorize well, so what it really comes down to is style preference. Eddie’s prim style definitely has a British flair, which is definitely a good thing (a great thing!) – it’s not too flashy, a bit nubby, rich colors, and slim for sure.


kardashian, stubbs & wooton

Lord Disick reigned supreme in Round 1, but will his sweet loafers get him through to Round 3? While we’re very excited about the loafers, it’s worth noting that he looks great in every suit he owns, and also easily moves between a preppy and more alternative casual style, so he’s got style range.


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Get your vote in before 9PM EDT tonight – and make your case in the comments!

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