Ask Style Girlfriend: Grooming Habits, Date Looks and More

Ask Style Girlfriend: Grooming Habits, Date Looks and More

Megan (and Siblings!) Solve all your Style Problems
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Sep 28 2017 | 2 min read




We’re back with an all-new “Ask Style Girlfriend” video!

This time I’m being joined by two very special guests (but don’t tell them I called them “very” special, or it’ll go to their heads): my brother and sister, Aaron and Alana!

As part of SG’s ongoing collaboration with Rogaine, the three of us answered reader questions, and waxed poetic about who inherited the “cheap” gene when it comes to clothes (hint: not me).

This kind of chatter is exactly what we’re doing anyways, at the bar down the street after family gatherings when “the adults” have gone to bed. You know the type of place I mean: you used to deem it “just for old people” but now you don’t mind because it’s close by, and besides, it’s not as noisy as the spots downtown…

If you missed the first two installments of this series, check them out here and here. We’ve been talking all this year about how we’re each trying to get ahead of inherited family traits that we’re…not so crazy about. For me, it’s my mom’s tendency to stress out in social situations. As for my sister, it’s making time for a workout plan that helps her avoid our dad’s dad bod physique.

For my brother, it’s about committing to a regular Rogaine treatment routine to combat thinning hair he got from…well, who knows? It can come down from either side of the family (so thanks a lot, Mom and/or Dad’s genes). He started using Rogaine at the first signs of thinning hair (after some hemming and hawing about it..but you’ll hear more about that in the video).

Be sure to watch all the way to the end to see them lose their minds trying to answer the last reader question (apparently, it was a doozy).


From buying jeans to can’t miss date night outfits to good grooming habits, we’ve got you covered.

Watch for:

  • 00:17 How much is too much to spend on jeans?
  • 1:08 What’s a great date night outfit? 
  • 1:44 What’s an easy upgrade for a guy to make in his grooming routine?
  • 3:03 What’s one thing men wear that women love?
  • 3:58 What’s the most important thing I can do now to make sure I look good later?



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