Movember Grooming: 6 Tips for Growing Out Your Moustache

Shave the date this November

Alright guys, who’s in the market to change the face of men’s health by growing a ‘stache this November? By now you dapper and charitable fellas have probably heard of Movember: a month-long growing effort to raise funds for various men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health just by growing out your mo’ to spark a conversation about these topics. It’s that time again. Before you get our your razor and gather grooming wax, brush up on important grooming basics and rules of the charitable game with tips from the experts at Harry’s Corner Shop.

6 tips for growing out your ‘stache:

1. Scrub your way to a great ‘stache 

To remove dead skin (AKA prevent painful ingrown hairs), make sure to use an exfoliating scrub often to keep your pores clear.

2. Avoid mo’ dandruff

…Yep, it can happen. Make sure to moisturize daily as growing hair will naturally pull existing moisture from your skin making your under-moustache feel dry and itchy. If it still itches, Will Zanni of Harry’s Corner Shop suggests using aloe vera to lock in moisture and soothe your skin.

3. Feel it out

Much like a haircut, you should style your ‘stache based on your own hair texture and length. A moustache with course hair will require a sturdy wax and consistent combing to ensure it stays in place. For you guys with a bit less hair, using wax and a comb will help to fill in any gaps. 

4. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

For your best looking moustache, “You’ve got to have enough hair to mold the moustache how you want it to look. You can always trim down, so I always say, the more meat on the bone, the better” says Milian.

5. Trim dry!

If you take to cutting your moustache while wet, it may appear shorter than desired when it eventually dries.

6. Keep it clean

While styling preferences vary, Milian explains “two ends should always be trimmed and cut at the edge of your lip corners.” Also the lip line should be trimmed about once a week, adds Zanni, as “this will help ensure that the hair on the top of the moustache keeps growing down toward the lip, which will result in a thicker moustache.” And any girl will agree: your moustache has no business making claim over your top lip.

The rules to know before you grow:

  • Start completely clean shaven
  • Your ‘stache must be grown and maintained the entirety of November.
  • Make sure your mo’ does not connect to your sideburns…this my friend, is called a beard.
  • No joining the end of your mustache to your chin, creating a goatee (which should be avoided regardless of Movember).
  • Movember participants are encouraged to be all-around gentlemen and use their stellar ‘stache to ignite conversations about men’s health.

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