New Video! Ask Style Girlfriend #009

New Video! Ask Style Girlfriend #009

On socks, and a note on social media
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

Hey guys!

A new “Ask Style Girlfriend” video is now up. This one’s on the hardworking, unsung hero of your wardrobe…your socks. I hope you like it.



In the spirit of transparency, I’d really love to get your feedback on the Ask Style Girlfriend videos and SG YouTube channel.

Thanks to my handy-dandy analytics tools, I know fewer of you are watching these all the way through (or at all) than are showing up every day to the site, so I’m curious about the disconnect. For those of you skipping #AskStyleGF vids, are they too long for your taste? Is it that you’re at work when you stop by SG and don’t want to have to stick your headphones in to listen? Would you watch them if I reminded you on the weekends via social media or an email?

As always, I’m asking not because I’m nosy (well, I am, but that’s neither here nor there right now…) but because I truly want to provide you guys with the style and lifestyle content you’re looking for, and – while it’s rare – I’m sure sometimes we have different ideas about what that is, exactly.

If you are watching and enjoying the videos each week, it would be great if you could subscribe to SG on YouTube. Even if checking that box means nothing to you, and you don’t subscribe to anyone else, and only watch YouTube when your mom sends you videos of kittens playing together that you roll your eyes at but secretly love, having strong social media numbers means I’m better able to approach brands to convince them to give me a little bit of cashola to create rich, engaging content for you guys. And, you know, pay my rent and buy food to eat each month. At the risk of showing my cards too blatantly, I tell you that, but we’re all friends here, so I know you won’t hold it against me.

For that matter, if you would go ahead and follow SG on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr, that’d be swell. And hey, tell your friends about SG, too! However you want to spread the love, I’m happy to have it.

Giving Style Girlfriend your social stamp of approval helps me out in a very real and tangible way, and is a great way to let me know you’re invested, even if I never hear from you in the comments below.

Thanks guys!

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