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October 2015 Picks

Megan’s Favorite Finds of the Month

Guys, how was your October? Mine was fantastic. I went apple picking, saw Hamilton (!!), got back to Wisconsin to see family, learned how shoes are made (more on that later), and went pantsless as much as possible.

Below, what’s been on my mind in October 2015, and what’s on my radar coming up:


You guys know I’m all about self-improvement, so it should come as no surprise that I loved You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero. A friend sent it to me when I moved into my new apartment, knowing I might need a little motivation to help me get settled. And while I haven’t yet felt compelled to actually, you know, buy furniture yet, or, say, put away all my boxes, it has been great to wake up every morning, read a chapter, then dance around the room owning my awesomeness.

If you could use a reminder of your own badassery, I highly recommend it. While plenty of books found on the “self help” shelf can be a little cheeseball-y, Sincero’s no-bs approach (not to say there’s no bs..the author does love a good curse word) makes the whole read fun and inspiring.


Still the Hamilton soundtrack. Did I mention I saw Hamilton? Because I saw Hamilton

While back in Wisconsin, I casually mentioned that I scored tickets to the sure-to-win-every-Tony-award musical while discussing the Badger basketball scrimmage we’d attended earlier in the day. “Oh?” my aunt who I’d fruitlessly tried to get to listen to the soundtrack when it started streaming on NPR, indulged me.

“Yeah, it was amazing.”

“How full was it?” she asked.

“Oh, the theatre was totally packed. The show’s sold out for months.”

“No, I meant the game.”


Hey, they keep me modest. (But you guys are all going as the titular founding father for Halloween, right?) 


Sneakers with everything. Maybe I was just wearing heels too much, but lately, I’ve been falling back on my Nike dunks, checkered Vans, and high-top Converse with everything from dresses to skirts to, yes, even pants. It’s made me think about how great sneakers can look…when you’re intentional about the outfit as a whole. A man in a suit with sneakers, for instance, can look great, or…not so much. Share with me in the comments how often sneakers are showing up on your feet lately.


It’s red wine season! Red wine o’clock? RSVP: Red.

I think I told you that I’ve been trying to drink less beer (though I’ll always give in for a good IPA), and I haven’t actually stocked the bar cart at my new place, so cocktail-making has been scarce. Rosé gave its all over the summer but now the temperature’s dropped, that seasonally-appropriate beverage is back on the bench. The guys over at The Infatuation introduced me to Motto, a new collection of dark, rich wines from California. I especially like Backbone, their cabernet sauvignon. Coming in at around $15, it’s affordable enough to scoop a bottle up for even the least special of dinners.


Winter and holiday fun on Style Girlfriend. Having Brittany here to help me keep the day-to-day train in motion means I get to start thinking ahead, sooner. Would love to hear from you guys what help you need with your (impending) winter wardrobes. A new parka? How to look stylish in a suit in the snow? For the guys in warmer climates, maybe you just want some fresh light outerwear options, or new ideas


A more laid-back *actual* holiday than I’ve had in recent years. After a very traumatic Christmas last year where my niece and nephew dissolved into tears after being told they had to open the mountain of presents waiting for them (well, mountain-sized in comparison to a 2- and 4-year old) instead of playing with the first presents they opened, my family decided to streamline and simplify this year.

Instead, we’re picking names out of a hat, setting a price limit (probably around $200) and giving one gift each to each other. And one gift per to the kids. So sure, they’ll still have multiple gifts to open, but not multiples of multiples.



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