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Old Navy Gift Guide: Holiday Presents for Him and Her

Old Navy Gift Guide: Holiday Presents for Him and Her
Our favorite festive deals and steals
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: May 3 2022

After sharing holiday gift guides from J.Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch (with ideas for both men and women!), we asked which retailer you wanted to see a roundup from next. The answer was clear. You all were looking for some stylish and affordable holiday deals from Old Navy.

And we’re here to give the people what they want!

It’s why we pulled together this Old Navy gift guide with holiday gifts for men and for women.

Old Navy has already made an appearance in a gift guide or two this holiday season because of its abundance of matching sweat sets. And yes, you’ll find a few more of those here. Theirs are billed as unisex, so we included one in both of the sections below.

Below, check out the Old Navy gift guide for holiday:

old navy gift guide

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Shop men’s Old Navy gift ideas:

SG Says: I was literally stopped in my tracks by this extremely cool and stylish puffer.

Only $75? And depending on the day and sale they’re running, probably way less? Yes please!

SG Says: No, Team SG will not stop beating the drum for you to add more plaid flannel shirts to your closet (and the closets of everyone you love!) this holiday season.

So you might as well just give in.

SG Says: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…do not sleep on Old Navy’s activewear section.

When it comes to ‘wear everywhere’ style, this hoodie rivals Nike for athleisure supremacy.

SG Says: Not sure why, but I’ve never been big on holiday-themed pajamas. I think because it would make me sad to wear waffle-knit jammies with reindeer on them on December 26.

These plaid pajama pants feel like something you can wear all winter long without getting wistful for the festivities from December.

SG Says: I promised you matching sweatsets, and I keep my promises.

Our whole team loves these matching sweatshirt and sweatpants so much, and Old Navy has them in so many colors.

Shop women’s Old Navy gift ideas:

SG Says: We keep having to update links for women’s shackets that we like because they keep selling out. That’s how good a gift they are for the lady in your life.

This one’s still available, and very very cute.

SG Says: They’re not “have ’em forever” sweaters, but the styles from Old Navy always looks good for at least a season.

And for the price, that’s a pretty good deal.

SG Says: More matching activewear sets!

This floral workout outfit is great for a woman who doesn’t always want to wear all black to the gym.

SG Says: Like I said, I’m not big on holiday-themed pajama sets. For him or for her.

This striped style looks nice and cozy and will wear well all year.

Whew! Say that three times fast…will wear well all year. Will wear well all year. Will wear well…..okay, you get the idea.

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