The Only Thing You’ll Like About Working from Home Are These Pants

New routine, new pants

By Clark Harmon | Last Updated: May 11 2020

Setting into your new routine of Zoom conference calls, frozen pizza for lunch, and an ever-dwindling reserve of streaming television? Great! It’s best to just lean into the work from home vibe. One great way to do that? Streamlining getting dressed in these Birddogs pants with built-in underwear.

They’re super comfortable pants that look like legit professional chinos. 

What’s the deal with built-in underwear?

You’ve probably logged more than a few hours this week with your butt in a dining room chair, or some other less than ergonomic sitting position. Your backside might be aching and inner thighs sticky. But with Birddogs pants, it’s like getting a gentle spandex hug, while your mid-section remains as cool and dry as when you sat down in the morning.  

You can chalk this mind-bending comfort up to the pants’ built-in underwear.

Built-in underwear is exactly what it sounds like – underwear sewn inside your pants.  It’s super simple…and very comfortable. Everything stays perfectly in place, no wedging, no nudging, no nothing.  Wearing pants feels better because of it. 

Where did Birddogs come from?

We first heard about Birddogs gym shorts with built-in underwear from friends who raved about them. The revelation that they also made stretch chino pants? That came later.

After logging an embarrassing amount of time on Facebook over the past couple of weeks, it became very apparent that Team SG spends way too much time online searching for the best men’s clothes. Because we were getting hit with tons of ads for Birddogs!

Some made us laugh, like this “couple” shopping at a farmers market, but don’t be fooled. The quality backs up the product.

The pants fabric itself not only feels incredible but looks like legit professional chinos.  Not that looking professional matters anymore, but it’s good to know for some indeterminate “later” time.

When things get back to normal, maybe you’ll delete Zoom from your computer and give up frozen pizza, but I bet Birddogs pants with built-in underwear will be part of your work wardrobe for good.