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Outfit Of the Day: Gameday Layering

By Gabi Meyers | Nov 15 2012

Today, another guest post from Gabi, Style Girlfriend’s intern extraordinaire! This week, she talks to the fellas about a little something she knows a LOT about – namely, how to dress to tailgate in freezing weather. 

And with that, I’ll let Gabi take it away…

I was never a sports fan. I did get football tickets my freshman year at Penn State, and was usually able to make it just past the third quarter. After that, my legs hurt from standing, my throat hurt from cheering, and my conscience hurt most of all from pretending to know what I was watching.

The only other specifics that I can recall from my younger days (hashtag-seniorstatus) is what everyone wore: Sorority girls in 3XL shirts cut-up in various shoulder-baring ways, leggings and Converse; the real football fanatics covered in body paint and little else; and everyone in a sea of blue and white (with a smattering of standard athletic wear neutral grey).

It was kind of like walking into an Abercrombie, where all the employees have to wear the same colors, but some get to wear button-ups and others wear sweaters (editor’s note: I take a little offense to this sweeping A&F-generalization..but not that much offense, because it’s basically true). The only difference in the bleachers is that outfits lean decidedly more casual: t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans or sweatpants, and sneakers. As it got colder you saw snow jackets, Uggs (ew) and lots of Nittany Lion helmet-style knit hats, which are actually pretty adorable. The overall look, though, was blank-stare inducing, especially since I couldn’t follow the game anyway.

I’ve now surrendered my season tickets to someone who can give them the love they deserve, but I’ll ocassionally purchase a ticket for the game when a friend comes to visit. Maybe I would want to stay past the tailgate if I got treated to some eye-candy off the field, such as this great guys’ look:

You can show your team spirit AND stay warm all while lookin’ hot. I once visited Badger Country, where Megan’s from, so I know it’s cold there too.

Start with an Underarmour base to keep whatever heat you have IN. Stick with neutral color, or if you’re feeling daring get one in your team’s color. This red works because it practically blends in with the next layer: your team spirit shirt. I suggest wearing a long sleeve, for extra warmth, but also because the t-shirt-over-long-sleeve-shirt look brings me back to middle school (more on that later).

I know you men are more hot-blooded than us ladies, but I don’t think this much clothing is quite as warm as your go-to winter-coat, so throw on another layer or two. Conveniently enough, red and black Buffalo Plaid goes perfectly with Wisconsin’s colors, so this flannel wouldn’t make you stand out from the crowd in a bad way. A zip-up sweater or sweatshirt in your team color would work just as well. Top it off with a thin puffer vest. Since these layers are fitted close to the body they don’t add bulk, so the girls will be checking you out even if you’re cheering behind enemy lines.

For your bottom half, try some dark wash jeans, weather-proof (but stylish!) boots and warm, wool socks to avoid frostbite.


Vest: Uniqlo, $50
Undershirt: Underarmour, $50
Shirt: Football Fanatics, $28
Flannel: Urban Outfitters, $49
Jeans: Mavi, $98
Shoes: Sperry Topsider, $150
Socks: Scott-Nichol, $35

Tell us: What do you wear on game day?

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