Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Inspiration: A Better Business Casual

Subtle style for the office and beyond

Today’s better business casual: ill-fitting khaki trousers and bland polos need not apply. Once we team up and circumvent the expected (and often comically bad) casual office attire, you can start having fun with creative combinations of business staples like blazers with off-duty essentials like a chambray shirt. Push your look even further with an added sweater layer and keep it interesting with breaded accessories.

Below, business casual worth bragging about:

Jogger: Woolf, $35 | Sweater: L.L.Bean, $69 | Shirt: Grand Frank, $78

Jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren, $895 | Socks: Happy Socks, $18

Boots: Allen Edmonds, $350 | Sunglasses: Illesteva, $177

Bracelet: Giles & Brother, $145 | Cologne: The Motley, $105 | Belt: Anderson’s, $175

Wear it well: When choosing the casual components of this look, keep in mind the pieces still should look sharp enough to command a morning meeting. If your opting for boots instead of monks, make sure they’re well-kept. Similarly, if you go the jogger or jean route, they need to be dressy enough to make sense with a blazer – minor upgrades will go a long way in an outfit like this.

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