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Outfit of the Day: The Beav's BFF

When I was in high school, my friend Courtney’s dad nicknamed me “Eddie Haskell.” Now, in case you’re not secretly a thousand years old like me, I should tell you that’s the name of Wally’s suspiciously polite, always conniving best friend on the 1950s show Leave It To Beaver. No? Nothing? Okay. Just think a slicker, better-dressed Kimmy Gibler.

Basically, he meant I was a parent-charming, up-to-no-good troublemaker.

Now, do I call all my friends’ parents Mr. and Mrs. Whoever to this day? Sure. And did Courtney and I “borrow” his car once or twice for late night joy rides downtown to see college boys? Maybe. Still, we – I – could have been worse. A lot worse.

That said, I never really minded my tv alter ego comparison. Why? Well, Eddie was known as much for his style as for his shenanigans. And the look that the Beav’s BFF sported remains as current today as it was back then. Just update the hi-tops and letterman jacket with luxe fabrics, a slim fit, and contained use of the phrase “Gee whiz.”

Get the look:

Shirt: Saturdays NYC, $98

Pants: H&M , $25

Varsity jacket: Band of Outsiders, $1,620**

Shoes: Chuck Taylor All Star Moto Leather Sneakers, $70

**Too rich for your blood? Get one on the cheap at Urban Outfitters