Outfit of the Week: May 17, 2013

Outfit of the Week: May 17, 2013

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

Way to go, Brandon, you are Outfit of the Week!

You get to add to your (already amazing) accessory collection courtesy of The Knottery!


Here’s some background info on Brandon’s style:

The colored chino thing started for me because of my teaching, where I had an older teacher tell me that developing a brand with the students will help you in the classroom and in the hallway when dealing with students you do not teach as it makes you approachable and relatable but not in a way that is “friendy”.

Additionally, every teacher has a brand if they know or not (the gag tie guy, or the button on the blazer guy being well aware of their brand where the bad breath teacher, the close talker, or the cat lady teacher unaware of theirs) – I know I labeled my teachers, so this mentoring teacher told me to own your brand.

I quickly decided I did not want to be the matchy tie to poly-shirt guy this is so common with male teachers that when I stumbled on to a pair of Carolina blue pants that got a big reaction from students I knew I had something.

Now for the record, I am not arguing that my colored pants are the key to successful teaching, but the color is fun and it is a just a small piece that helps get students on my side and when students have buy in then learning becomes so much easier. 

And, of course, the details:

Tommy Hilfiger – Lavender Pants (the color I worked hardest to find) – bought on clearance
Brooks Brother – Gingham Shirt – Thrifted
J.Crew – Repp TIe – J.Crew warehouse sale
Target-  Kensington Blazer – On sale
Sperry Top Siders – Shoes – Birthday gift

Gabi’s Take:

Brandon really nailed it. I love how the patterns work together in a way that say “I tried, but nonchalantly.” Purposeful contradiction? I don’t know but, whatever it is, it’s working. And the best part? His look is rich with visual interest, but easy on the wallet. I support smart shopping!

Megan’s Take:

I love Brandon’s enthusiasm for developing his personal style. I know what it’s like to want to dress well on a budget (uhh, don’t we all?), and like Brandon, I know that a fat wallet isn’t a prereq to looking good. And I love love LOVE what he had to say about cementing for yourself a brand of sorts. It’s not just teachers; I’ve heard plenty of stories from readers who are “that guy who wears a tie and sportcoat at the office when everyone else is in t-shirts.” Having others recognize your personal style for the extra effort is always a good thing. Way to go Brandon!

Tell Us,

What’s your favorite part of Brandon’s look? How would you style lavender pants?

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