Outfit of the Week: November 8, 2013

Outfit of the Week: November 8, 2013

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

We have a winner…congrats Peter!

Fall Shirt and Scarf

You are the well-dressed, SG-reading recipient of a stylish fall package from Spectre & Co!

Check out what Peter had to say about his outfit below (comments I received after an adorable hit-send-too-soon blank email. Playin’ hard to get, Pete..I like it!), and my take on his layered look.

Fall Shirt and Scarf
His take:

I’m a medical student, so this is pretty typical for a clinic day. The cardigan is a must because it’s little cooler than I’d prefer…and I hate wearing the white coat. It looks a little short in this photo, but I had just taken it out of the dryer. The wingtip boots aren’t standard for me. I prefer a more traditional cap toe (or wingtip) shoe, but what the hell, it’s snowy and slushy here in Minnesota and the boots are a nice alternative.

As a future doctor, I’ll be working with my patients to help them take better care of themselves. This isn’t easy and it’s influenced by many factors (e.g. diet, activity, stable housing, safe neighborhood/environment, education…etc). To me, part of presenting myself as a trustworthy source of health information includes being aware of my appearance and looking professional. It may a small element, but I think it’s underrated.
SG’s Take:
Peter looks great! Very put together, but not at all boring. I love the pop of color from the tie, and the cozy cardigan is a great stand-in for a sportcoat or blazer in a corporate-alternative environment (I just made that term up, but it makes sense, right? Anything that’s not an office, basically..I’ve gotta trademark that!).
His need for sturdy boots due to snow and slush is a little depressing, but of course that’s not his fault. Too soon, Minnesota..too soon.
And the details:
Pants: Bonobos
Shirt: custom (local tailor)
Tie and tie bar: The Tie Bar
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Coat: Ben Sherman (via Macy’s)
Boots: JCP
Bag: Will Leather Goods
Also well-received? This thoughtful post-script:
“As an aside: during the first year of medical school, I discovered sites like Dappered, Well Spent, A Continuous Lean, and StyleGF. I spent way too much money that semester – but much less than I would have otherwise – and it changed my approach to style. So, thank you for the help!

Tell us:

Would you trust Peter with your life? Or at least, your wardrobe budget?

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