What to Pack: Fall Weekend Getaway

What to Pack: Fall Weekend Getaway

Cozy basics, boots, and bourbon

By Brittany Hammonds | Last Updated: Jun 26 2022 | 2 min read

A fall weekend getaway is ripe with opportunity to whip out your favorite cozy essentials – from apple picking in a versatile field jacket to wrapping yourself in soft layers and mulled cider at a small town tavern. If the full swing of fall – also known as the prime season for camp socks and…camping – has you yearning for a weekend away, Style Girlfriend HQ has the packing primer for you.

And as for how to handle packing for a weekend trip that requires a little more fabric than swim trunks and a tee? Let’s think: Simplifying without sacrificing. Below how to pack for a active autumn weekend, with style (and efficiency).

Pack in your fall weekend getaway style with these 11 pieces:


Quilt jacket: Barbour, $175 | Crew neck sweater: Wooyoungmi, $458 | Boots: Wolverine, $360

Long sleeve t-shirt: Uniqlo, $20 | Socks: Urban Outfitters, $8 | Beanie: OAMC, $110

Jeans: Gap, $70 |Cords: J. Crew, $98 | Sneakers: Greats, $149

Grooming travel kit: Triumph & Disaster, $50 | Chambray shirt: Bonobos, $128

…and for the bag to pack it all in:

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The Travel Look


Wear it well: When packing lightly, reach for one piece that pops to switch up your looks. A bright yet earth toned sweater will pair with any neutral, while keeping your looks from being mostly monochrome.

Sipping Hot Cider


Wear it well: Going from planes/trains/automobiles to outdoor action to trekking into town calls for a properly packed dopp kit. Or better yet, a pre-stocked kit that will make freshening up a breeze before you go on your merry way to a fireside bourbon.


Apple Picking


Wear it well: There’s something about crisp fall air that makes me want to channel my inner outdoorsman (er-r-r outdoorswoman). I’m talking the ability to start fires with rocks, perfecting archery…the works. But – if you’re like me – your fall excursions might lean towards a more mild event – and with that comes swapping hiking boots for cool sneakers and a flannel-lined pants that will keep you warm all day.

In Town for Dinner


Wear it well: The excitement of pulling out your cold weather staples may turn into a tornado of stuffing every sweater and socks into a weekender bag, but unpacking wrinkled cashmere is not ideal. Meaning? Focus on your favorite warm basics – and pack one of each.


At Brunch


Wear it well: Breaking out texture is the quickest way to amp up any fall wardrobe. Swap your go-to chinos with a cuffed flannel-lined chino and break out your timeless quilted coat for an effortless look – just don’t forget to seal the deal with a classic striped tee.

Nature Walk


Wear it well: A chambray shirt gets my love and attention during any season, but especially during transitional fall days. Its original design as a workwear essential coupled with its neutral appeal makes it the perfect sturdy yet stylish shirt to never stop layering (never, I say!).