Party Style: The Great Gatsby Theme Party

Party Style: The Great Gatsby Theme Party

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 4 min read

It’s Wednesday! That means the week is half over (or half full? optimism!) and ALSO that Intern Gabi is here to dispense her youthful take on guys’ style. This week, she tackles the theme party that all of us will be invited to at some point in the coming weeks and months – A “Great Gatsby” bash…

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With The Great Gatsby remake coming out in a few weeks, you can bet that this summer will be filled with 1920’s theme parties. For us ladies, this is easy: a flapper dress, strings of pearls, and hair curled in waves. But what about you guys? How do you make a true-to-the-era outfit without buying a bunch of stuff that you’ll never wear again?

If you’ve got money to blow, you can go all out and shop straight from the Gatsby Collection at Brooks Brothers, shown below.


Very cool, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you’re in luck! Thankfully a lot of great styles from the roaring 20’s are still around today. All you have to do is choose your character.

You Are: Jay Gatsby

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From Nordstrom: Jacket, $100; Vest, $47; Pants, $50; Shirt, $40; Pocket Square, $12; $Tie, $25; Suspenders, $58; Shoes, $135
3 Piece Suit

It’s all about looking sharp, and what could be sharper than a full suit? Nothing, that’s what. Don’t worry about nailing the fit of the era, which was a bit baggier. Focus on finding one that fits you like a glove, but the vest is the key aspect to distinguishing yourself as a dapper man from the 20’s, and not just a well dressed guy of today.


Spectators are e-spec-ially jazzy. Try to find a pair with the contrasting colors, or a sleek, all white pair.

Extra Piece: Cane

Dredge up those tenth grade English class memories, and remember that Jay is a war hero, he’s loaded, and he’s got a limp…or maybe he’s faking it. The reasoning isn’t what’s important, the look is.


You Are: Tom Buchanan



 From JCP: Pants, $23; Suspenders, $30; Tie, $25; Pocket Square, $15;  Sportcoat, $200; Shirt, $25; Shoes, $90

If you’re really trying to play the part, rock suspenders. These bad boys were cooler than belts back then, so you’ll fit right in with the era. And hey, maybe your take on them will be so popular it will spark their comeback. Before you invest, make sure you know if the pair you’re looking at is compatible with your pants. Ideally go for a pair that buttons inside your pants, but don’t worry if it’s the clip-ons, because it’s just a costume.


Ah, a time before sweatpants, can you imagine? When sportscoats were worn to play sports. Pretend you play polo and suit up for the games.

Extra Piece: Double Breasted Vest

Every picture I’ve seen of Tom Buchanan, he has been wearing a double breasted vest. Can’t say I’m a fan, but ‘Yale Football Player’ is also not my type.

You Are: Nick Carraway in the Courtyard


Picture 13

From ASOS: Pants, $37; Suspenders, $13; Shirt, $49; Cardigan, $58; Shoes, $74; Bow tie, $29
Shawl Collar Cardigan

This look was even more popular in the 20’s than it is today. Don’t be afraid to go for a dandy shade. Make it extra spiffy by pairing it with a button up, a bow tie, and a turned up nose.

Bow tie

Much more fun than a regular old neck tie, a bow tie shows that you’re willing to get preppy with it. If you can, go for a self tie one, but if it’s not your usual look don’t be afraid to go for a pre-tied one, since, again, this is just a costume. {SG note: Intern Gabi’s being too easy on you – man up and learn to tie a darn bow tie!}

Extra Piece: Panama Hat

Baseball caps are so 1930s. Wear one these sun-blocking straw hats if you’re going to an outdoor party. If you’re indoors, you’ll just look silly.

The Final Touch: Get the Hair

Picture 21
Pic: Warner Bros.; Hair gel: Bumble and bumble, $27

Hair is what will take you from now to then.

If you have the hair for it, make a deep side part and comb it over. Hold it in place with some heavy duty hair gel that will give it some shine, like Sumowax from Bumble and bumble. Sooo gentle-manly.

Attaboy! Now everyone at the party will know who the Big Cheese is…You! Just make sure your doll is up to snuff.

Tell Me,

Which character best matches your persona? Whose wardrobe would you most like to raid?


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