Quarterly x SG: #SGF04, What You Missed

And tell us What You Want to See Next!

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Mar 18 2018

Here’s a quick peek at the package Quarterly x Style Girlfriend subscribers received last month…


We’ve talked before on here about signature fragrances and we think the same goes for a signature drink (even if that’s simply a club soda with a twist of lemon!).
That’s why #SGF04 focused on stocking your bar. A shaker, bitters, syrup, stirrer, the whole nine yards.
I’ve been having fun trying out the cocktails in the book that came along with the package (my Tom Collins is getting pretty darn good).
Now, we want to hear from you.
What would you love to see in #SGF05? Got ideas for themes, specific products, even your ultimate dream box??

Tell us:

What do you hope to see in #SGF05? You may see your idea come to life when you open your mailbox to find your next Quarterly x SG package!