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Reader Question: The Do's and Dont's of Couple Matching

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016

Sometimes when my girlfriend and I go out together, we find we’ve dressed…similar. We’re both in black tops and jeans, or shorts and button-down shirts, whatever. She thinks it’s sweet, and I actually kind of like that we’re clearly so in tune as a couple, but is that totally lame? Should one of us change when this happens? Do people look at us and think I’m totally whipped?

{“Oh no, you didn’t tell me you were wearing your denim suit!”}

Good news, no, you’re not totally lame. And no one whose opinion matters thinks you’re whipped.

Because really? Chicks love that stuff. We definitely won’t think it’s dumb that you and your girlfriend dress alike. Us ladies will think your gf’s lucky to have found a guy confident enough to walk side-by-side while both draped in, say, navy v-neck sweaters. Female bystanders will wish they had a man who was so attuned to their own sartorial moodswings.

As for the guys – they’ll only notice if the coordination is super over-the-top. I’m talking head-to-toe matching costumes like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in the pic above, circa a million years ago (it feels like) at the Grammys. Then yes, guys will judge. And yes, they will think you are totally whipped.

But really, if your outfits truly are that matchy-matchy, I’d be tempted to call shenanigans on your “happy accident” claims. Because that kind of coordination takes planning. Effort. Joint shopping trips.

If you really are conspiring behind closed closet doors? Then well, maybe you are a little whipped. To be clear: if she likes for you to wear a tie that matches her dress when you go to a wedding, that’s totally fine and not at all obnoxious. But if she demands you go full Sonny and Cher every time you head out to dinner, you should probably have a conversation about boundaries.

We work on the the honor system here at Style Girlfriend, though, so I’m going to assume your matched clothes truly are a coincidence. So long as they’re not too bizarrely identical, I say link arms with pride and head out to paint the town red…or whatever color you both happen to be wearing. Some guys might throw a judge-y side eye (if they notice at all), but what do you care what guys think when you’ve got a beautiful lady on your arm who is on the same wavelength with you so much that you two actually have started to fuse your wardrobe?

If your telepathic twinning ever makes you feel uncomfortable, suggest a game of rock paper scissors to determine who has to change. If you really like what  she’s wearing, go with scissors. Scissors never wins.

  • Do you and your girlfriend ever dress alike? How do you handle it?