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Reader Question: How to Wear Seersucker

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 13 2019

I live in south Louisiana where seersucker is king during our 6-month summer.  I recently took the plunge and bought a seersucker suit, but now I’m trying to put it together with shirt/tie/shoes that don’t make me look like an ice cream man or Colonel Sanders. I know your style is usually more “Yankee Urban”, but can you offer any advice?

First of all, “Yankee Urban” is totally going to be the name of my first spoken word album. Second of all, don’t get all north-south on me here, because I’ll pledge my allegiance to the seersucker suit any day. Actually, all things seersucker. Because, Civil War side not withstanding, chicks totally dig a guy in seersucker.

Ask any girl – she’ll tell you a guy in seersucker shorts beats out a bro in cargo shorts any day. And hey, I get it; in the summer, it’s a great fabric to look pulled together wearing while staying cool (thanks to the puckered fabric that keeps material away from your skin). Seersucker helps you show off your style without trying too hard.

That said, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts to the dandy-leaning suit:


Bass, $69

You simply can’t go wrong with white bucks with a seersucker suit. You could also go for saddle shoes, though you run the risk of turning your outfit into a costume, so watch out for that.

You could also go with a brown shoe, paired with a brown belt, but you’ve got to make sure the suit is tailored pretty slim – ideally with a flash of ankle showing like with this look from J.Crew. Nothing too clunky. You want the shoes to look like an intentional part of the outfit, not “I already had these in my closet, so….”


I’d stick with a white or blue shirt with your seersucker suit. Depending on the formality of the occasion, you could go with an oxford cotton button-down (OCBD), but I don’t know where you’re going to be wearing your suit. Skip the French cuffs – they’re too fussy for such a laid-back suit.

The bits and pieces:

Wear a belt at your discretion. Some guys like to take it really colorful to show they don’t take themselves too seriously, but that always strikes me as a little “lobsters on my khakis” if you know what I mean.

For a tie, you could go a couple ways. I’m pretty comfortable with any shade of blue – it keeps things simple, clean. Go more serious with navy, or breezy with something lighter. Otherwise, you could try a madras tie, like this one from Brooks Brothers, and really go all out. Another option you can’t go wrong with – whatever color matches your date’s dress.

Avoid at all costs:

Suspenders. Bow ties. Kentucky ties. Bolo ties. The term “the war of Northern aggression.”