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Reader Question Round-Up: Stylish Fall Shoes, Blue on Blue, and Interview Etiquette

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 17 2019

Dipping into the Style Girlfriend reader mailbag today!
David wonders:

Can I wear a navy polo with slim dark-wash jeans? Although the textures are different, it kind of feels like too much blue but interested in hearing your thoughts.

Yup, you can absolutely wear a navy polo with your dark rinse jeans! I actually just did a post on pulling off a monochromatic look, so I hope you saw that.

If you’re worried about looking too all-over blue (what’s that song from the 90s? I’m blue da ba dee da ba di...), I’d suggest breaking up the line visually with a brown belt, and doing that “half-tuck” with the shirt just in the front. Check out this image from J.Crew for inspiration.

Would love to see how you end up rock the look, David!

Kyle says:

Hi Style GF,

First time emailing you and just recently found your blog. I have a question for you regarding suit coat etiquette. I have a lunch interview at a fairly upscale restaurant next week. I will be in a navy suit, white shirt with black tie, black dress shoes, and black belt.

My question to you, is when I take my seat at the table, should I leave my suit coat on or hang it on my chair? I did a little reconnaissance work last week and they do not have a coat check in. Or should I just follow the lead of my potential employers and see what they do? However, that may be a problem because the people I will be sitting down with are both women. Appreciate the help.

What a great question. The dressing down of corporate America has definitely created some etiquette conundrums…not that I’m mad at the idea that you can get just as much work done in jeans as you can in trousers, but it just leaves a lot more open for interpretation.

If I were you, I’d leave the jacket on, and simply unbutton it when you sit down. Jackets aren’t meant to be hung across the backs of chairs (it hurts the shoulders), and you also run the risk of having the sleeve get caught on your watch, or some other minor disaster that could fluster you before you even sit down to eat!

Also, way to go on the reconnaissance mission. Not everyone would be as diligent as you!

Good luck on the interview; let us know how it goes!

Frank opines:

So I’m in high school and I like dressing nice but casual. But being 17, I really can’t pull off a lot of the OOTW looks and those types of shoes. I wear button ups, corduroys, chinos, sweaters but I don’t have a solid pair of shoes to go with that look. I have my go to summer shoes, red Sperrys, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions for casual but nicer (affordable…high school jobs don’t pay great) shoes for the fall and winter seasons.

Just got into fashion, and your blog is pretty freakin’ great!

Thanks for reading, Frank!¬†Also, best 17-year-old name ever. For your go-to fall shoe, I’d suggest a pair of desert boots in suede or leather. They go with everything from jeans to chinos to cords, and they’ll definitely have you looking stylish (without being too “out there”).

I like Clarks for an affordable, long-lasting option.