One Reader’s Style Journey

One Reader’s Style Journey

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016 | 3 min read

I got the best email from a reader recently, and I had to share it because it made me feel like a million bucks and was just too good to keep to myself. Plus, I hope it encourages some more of you to tell me your own personal style stories. Read on for one guy’s reasons why he comes back each day to Style Girlfriend.

Josh wrote:


I feel compelled to send you a note saying thanks.  I stumbled across your blog 6 or 7 months ago…and began to realize that i dressed like a slob most of the time.  I was tacitly aware of this already.  Sadly, I really didn’t have any idea why I looked like an idiot.  I’d look in the mirror after getting dressed for work and see that I looked kinda dumb…but assumed that was just who i was.  Didn’t really realize what I needed to do to change that.  Your blog helped me figure out many of the things that I was doing wrong (fit, fit and fit were the top three).

The last few months I’ve gotten more compliments than I have in a really long time.  It ranges from everything to how slim I look (although I’ve lost no weight) to how sharply I’m dressed, and generally how handsome I am (who knew?).  You might enjoy knowing that one of the first new shoe purchases I made was a pair of Clark’s desert boots that I saw on your blog because I thought they looked cool.  I love ’em.


I recently spent a lot of time in the hospital visiting my ill grandmother (since passed).  A cute (I swear!) nurse approached me in a room full of my family members and said the following: “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Blake Shelton?” as my family members looked at her as if she’d grown a second head. The answer is no, because I look nothing like Blake Shelton.  I did, however, dress nicely as I was almost always coming directly from work.

I’ve had a noticeable lack of confidence my entire life when it comes to my physical appearance.  That’s gone now, and the final piece to that puzzle was learning that I could, in fact, dress well enough to make myself stand out.
There are certainly other factors and other changes that have helped me find my stride, but I wanted to send you this note to express my gratitude for your perspective and advice on how a man should dress. So, thanks. Keep up the good work!

Great? Or great?

I mean, guys. This – THIS! – is why I write Style Girlfriend. Why I search for the perfect oxford shoe late at night when I’d rather be catching up on The Mindy Project on Hulu (it’s got so much potential!), why I format content early in the morning bleary-eyed before I’ve had any coffee, and why I find the time whenever else I can to write – to create a dialogue that helps you look and feel your best. Because it’s working! Thank goodness…

And also? Blake Shelton can get it. Not Shelton in his mullet days, but Shelton today. The Voice-era Shelton. He’s a looker! Just wanted to clarify to all you country-haters out there that there’s no shame in that comparison Josh received from the pretty nurse.

So, tell me your successes today.

I’ve found lately that “sharing my wins” has helped me realize that, hey, I have a lot of wins in my life. And you guys make up a ton of ’em! So, anything good happen today? It doesn’t even have to be style-related (though those are obviously more than welcome) A compliment on a new haircut from your post man? Get a “good work” from your boss?

Share ’em in the comments!

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