Round 2 of 2016 Men's Style Madness: 3rd Heat

Funny guys and fashion with a capital F

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Dwyane Wade vs. Kit Harington

Dwyane Wade

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D.Wade stole the show from Graham Norton in the first round and we think his polished take on trendier styles has something to do with that win. Sure, he rocks a pair of joggers or a fur coat now and again, but he also wears a perfectly tailor three-piece suit in the same breath.

How to wear a three-piece suit.

Kit Harington

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It was actually a tad surprising to see Kit Harington win by such a landslide against laugh riot, Kevin Hart. His effortless style that enhances his frame speaks for itself – we’re just handing it a megaphone.

…D.Wade or Kit?

Ryan Reynolds vs. Aziz Ansari

Ryan Reynolds

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Sitting pretty on (nearly) everyone’s bracket right now, Ryan Reynold’s had a stylish year for the books making him a strong contender. His slim suiting that often incorporates prints along with his affinity for bright color in casual wear makes him a favorite here at SG HQ.

Aziz Ansari

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Now this match-up just got real. Aziz constantly keeps us laughing and impressed by his on an off-screen style. Especially for his smaller frame, every outfit is tailored impeccably and his adventurous patterns makes him a fan favorite.

…Aziz or Ryan?

Trevor Noah vs. James Corden

Trevor Noah

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Inching out Trudeau in the first round, we love seeing Trevor Noah shine in his classic-with-a-twist wardrobe. He pairs unexpected casual and dressy pieces together, but looks just as dapper in a pair of dark wash jeans and a bomber jacket.

James Corden

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The man, the myth, the stylish J.Corden. He dresses for his body type while still taking style risks (looking at you fully buttoned polos) – and each time those style risks pay off in a big way.

Shop the brands built for your body type. 

…Trevor or James?

Jeff Goldblum vs. Ryan Seacrest

Jeff Goldblum

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Jeff Goldblum is a style hero. There, we said it. He doesn’t just turn it on for the cameras; Goldblum genuinely enjoys fashion with a capital F, but his style is completely timeless at the same time.

Ryan Seacrest

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He’s lived on stage in impressive suiting for years, so it’s no surprise that his style has evolved to become consistently sleek. Seacrest’s own clothing line might stress the importance of matching shirts and ties but we love that he can go casual just as easily.

More celebrity clothing line collaborations.

…Goldblum or Seacrest?


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