Round 2 of 2016 Men's Style Madness: 4th Heat

The domination of classic style in #SGMadness

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Idris Elba vs. Jimmy Fallon

Idris Elba

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Tyler Oakley fans gave him a run for his money in the last leg of the race, but Idris Elba – and his bold take on classic suiting – held his own in the first round. We’re excited to see where his impressive footwear takes him this round.

Jimmy Fallon

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Even when he’s en route to the studio from his NYC home, we love that Jimmy Fallon’s style still looks accessible in the best way. He’s the unofficial spokesman for celebrity business casual style, and we can’t get enough of his skinny tie accessories.

Your best business casual outfit.

…Idris or Jimmy?

Bradley Cooper vs. Jesse Palmer

Bradley Cooper

1 | 2 | 3

Resident rugged man, Bradley Cooper, consistently blends edgy boots with impressive outerwear while keeping us on our toes at each red carpet. We’re big fans of his accessory game and love his affinity for unique textures.

Jesse Palmer

1 | 2 | 3

Have voter trends leaned towards classic styles? Yes, yes they have. In what we saw as an upset, Palmer took down the former 1D member in the first round with the help of his simple suiting style that emphasizes a good fit over flashy flair.

…Bradley or Jesse?

John Stamos vs. John Legend

John Stamos

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The longstanding personal style of John Stamos is his best secret weapon during SG Madness. He found what works for him and sticks to it without looking boring or dated – an impressive feat.

John Legend

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*Saunters off of his most recent best dressed list* John Legend has hit his style stride this year – and everyone has noticed. SG HQ loves seeing his minimal outfits that always feature a unique twist like bold prints or unexpected colors.

Get John Legend’s casual style.

…Stamos or Legend?

Henrik Lundqvist vs. Taron Egerton

Henrik Lundqvist

1 | 2 | 3

Lundqvist’s intentional style took the lead against the experimental wardrobe of Macklemore in the first round. Besides dominating with 25 saves last night, Lundqvist continues to be a style MVP with his elegant sartorial skills.

The NYFW: Men’s trends we love to see.

Taron Egerton

1 | 2 | 3

While the majority of you guys didn’t really consider this an upset, we’re still absorbing the fact that Egerton took down Yeezy. Although Egerton’s wardrobe mixes athletic and preppy staples, this is another indicator that classic wardrobes are dominating street style trends in this year’s Men’s Style Madness.

…Henrik or Taron?


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