Back to Menswear Basics

Back to Menswear Basics

Tips, tricks, and shortcuts we love
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 26 2022 | 3 min read

When I think of fall, I think of going back to school. I swear, I will be 100 years old (God willing) and still get the itch to go shopping for new colored pencils, file folders, and – yes, new clothes – right around this time of year.

As an adult (technically), I’ve tried to channel that fall season sense of going back into a reminder to go back to basics in my life. To learn, sometimes the same things I’ve already learned, all over again.

When it comes to Style Girlfriend, that means a couple things. Going back to what you guys are here for – I always want to write more than I do, which is hard when you’re also running a full-fledged business. I want to provide encouragement, something all the writers and contributors on the site aspire for in their stories, but I think sometimes we could be more “And here’s A, B, and C that you ought to know” about it. I want to educate, not in the ‘fall semester English Lit 200 syllabus’ way, but in a ‘fun, after-school club with the cool young teacher doesn’t even feel like learning’ kind of way.

In the spirit of going back, I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips, tricks, and shortcuts we love to share here at Style Girlfriend below. You can find more on our “Start Here” page, which, if you haven’t checked out, is worth a look.

Fall back into menswear basics with a few of our favorite shortcuts:

Make a big deal of small details

menswear details

Get shirts monogrammed. Stuff a pocket square into your sport coat that brings out those baby blues. Use an interviewer’s name when talking to him or her. Look a woman in the eye and hold her gaze.

These easy wins let you celebrate the small victories and encourage you in your ongoing quest to live with more style. You’d be surprised how how far a firm handshake takes you, and how much attention a pair of bold socks and a fresh haircut will get you.

Oh, and when people compliment you (and they will compliment you), learn to say “Thank you” graciously.

Fit is king

And I’m not just talking about taking that suit to the tailor. Any upgrade you make to your style in life has to suit (no pun intended) you.

Clothes that fit properly – from a pair of jeans to a wool overcoat – always look better than those that don’t.

The best fit of all? Feeling comfortable in your own skin. Take the time to figure out how to dress like the grown man you are, and still feel like yourself. And note that “comfortable” does not mean “that ratty hoodie you’ve had since middle school and a pair of relaxed fit jeans.” Here’s a good litmus test: Would you be “comfortable” running into the ex who broke your heart while wearing an outfit?

Living your most stylish life will take some trial and error, but don’t worry – you’ll get there.

Invest in a suit

Nope, this isn’t a metaphor for anything. Even the most casual guy needs at least one suit in his style arsenal. Avoid scrambling the next time a wedding or a funeral rolls around by shopping for it now. Better to have one hanging in your closet that fits well and makes you feel like a million bucks.



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