SG on Amazon’s MyHabit blog, The Fix

SG on Amazon’s MyHabit blog, The Fix

A video primer on the one suit you need in your closet
style girlfriend, myhabit, the fix, suits

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 18 2016 | 1 min read

style girlfriend, myhabit, the fix, suits


SG is al-l-l-l up on Amazon’s flash sale site MyHabit’s blog, The Fix today. Go check it out!

Guys, by now you know that whether you slip into a suit everyday for work or dig one out of the back of your closet only during wedding season, one thing should always be true of your go-to suiting: you feel like a million bucks when you wear it.

With so many colors, fabrics, accessories and tailoring technicalities to choose from, finding that perfect suit—the one that works for everything from important client pitches to date night and beyond—can be a challenge.

Check out SG’s tips for picking the perfect one for you over at flash sale site MyHabit, on their blog, TheFix …

And check out The Fix Q&A with SG for an inside look at my habits, both good and bad…

…What? That’s not enough SG around the web for you?

Well you’re in luck. I also recently chatted with Sean Russell of MenProvement, and that’s live now for your ears’ pleasure. It was supposed to be a video podcast, but I somehow missed that point in his email, so hadn’t washed my hair or put on makeup that day when we talked. So it’s audio-only, but have a listen anyway and just pretend I looked like this for it.

Tell me:

I’m not the only one…When was the last time you came unprepared to an interview?

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