SG-Approved: Flight 001 Travel Spacepak

SG-Approved: Flight 001 Travel Spacepak

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 3 min read

Full disclosure: I am a notorious overpacker.

I just always feel like, “Well, maybe I’ll want to change from white jeans to black jeans to blue jeans. ALL IN ONE DAY.” Before you know it, my suitcase is ten pounds too heavy for a three-day trip to Wisconsin, and I’m wondering if I really need to pack that extra parka in July.

Which is why I’m obsessed with the Flight 001 Travel Spacepak line, which is so ingenious. I have the one for clothing, and the hanging toiletries kit. I used them both on a recent trip to LA and thought I’d show you why they’re such a godsend.

What’s so great about the Flight 001 Travel Spacepak:

Flight 001 Travel Spacepak

{Now you see it…}

I had already packed…a lot, and wound up coming home with a new pair of high tops. They demanded a good chunk of real estate in my bag, so if I hadn’t had the space-saving pieces, I think I would have been wearing those shoes around my neck on the flight home.


{Now you don’t}

The Spacepak helps you maximize your suitcase space by compressing the items packed, and keeping them organized to boot. The clothing Spacepak is especially innovative, with one side for clean laundry, and the other for dirty clothes. No more stuffing your worn items in an old plastic Target shopping bag (oh, that’s just me?).

Plus, it’s fun to zip the compartment shut then push on it to compress it even more. You’ll hear the air that wants to be all greedy and take up room get banished from the vents on the sides.

Flight 001 Travel Spacepak

The toiletries Spacepak is also great, and not just because it comes in orange, my favorite color (though obviously that helped).

I really like all the zippered pockets and compartments that let me keep my skincare separate from my makeup separate from my vitamins, and so on and on. It’s also nice knowing that when I arrive at my destination, I won’t open my bag to find everything all over.

Flight 001 Travel Spacepak toiletry case

What the Flight 001 Travel Spacepak for toiletries looks like unzipped:

Flight 001 Travel Spacepak toiletry kit

And a silly thing that seems insignificant but really isn’t: each Spacepak comes in two different colors, so you feel like you’re shopping for something fun, rather than a something that will let you fit extra socks and underwear in your rolling suitcase.

I suppose this isn’t really making the case for being a more efficient packer like Hitha is always encouraging me, but ’til then at least I can fit the too-much stuff I do want to bring with me when I travel.

With the clothing Spacepak clocking in at $46, and the toiletries Spacepak at $42, Flight 001’s products aren’t cheap, but if you travel often, I’m confident you’ll find them worth the pricetag.

Shop the Flight 001 Travel Spacepak for clothes and toiletries here:


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