SG Around the Web: Filling in Backstory and Closing a Door

SG Around the Web: Filling in Backstory and Closing a Door

How I got here, anyway (and one other thing)

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 18 2016 | 3 min read


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Opening Doors

When my pal Michelle Ward asked me to write about my journey to Style Girlfriend for her career coaching website’s delightfully-named series, “The Recession is Bullhonky,” I happily obliged.

First, because I’ll take any excuse to sit down and pound out some prose just for fun. Like skipping your gym workout in favor of a pick-up game at the park on a Saturday morning.

Second, because it’s a story worth telling. I felt stuck in a job I felt zero passion for. Now I’m flourishing in a career I’m head over heels about. We don’t often get to peek behind the curtain of how that kind of A to Z jump occurs. If I can make such a scary life change feel at least a little more accessible for another person, I’m going to do it.

And third, because Michelle is one of a few folks who helped get me there. She’s not just a career coach; she was my career coach. Back when I still worked in advertising, counting the days til retirement (in thirty years), we worked together and came up with the blueprint for me to pursue a career in writing.

>> Go read it 

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Meeting Fans

You heard that right. Style Girlfriend officially has a fan base.

I spent the first part of the week in Vegas for the retail trade show PROJECT. Half the time, I was bouncing around to meet with folks from brands who I’ve only ever emailed with, or spoken to on the phone, like Paige Denim, Soludos, and Lacoste. The rest, I spent hanging with the rest of the menswear guys in attendance at a table designated for us in the middle of the show. On both Monday and Tuesday, I was interrupted to, “Excuse me? Megan? I just wanted to say hi. I’m a big fan.” Emphasis mine, because how awesome is that?!

Evidence, with me looking approximately sixteen years old here and here.

Could I have been more geeked? No, definitely not. I guess all I’m saying is: if any of you ever see me on the street and don’t introduce yourselves, I swear, I’ll find out somehow, and I’ll be really disappointed. Don’t disappoint me guys. Just say hi.

Closing Doors

Lastly, I wanted to let you know I’ve decided to end Style Girlfriend’s relationship with Quarterly. Subscribers already saw an email about this last week, and I should have jumped into the conversation sooner and let you know what happened. The timing wasn’t great; I didn’t want to just tack it on to a post about pants, y’know?

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While it’s been kind of nice hearing from people that you’re going to miss it – a little like going to your own funeral, I imagine – I wanted to let you know I’m honestly as bummed as you are about the whole thing.

Quarterly is a really interesting company…and a young one. Just like I have tons to figure out about running a business, they’re still working out the kinks over there on process and more. My priority has always been to assemble a package that, when you opened it, you went, “This is totally and completely awesome.” While I’m so proud of the style-themed packages we’ve collaborated on in the past, I no longer felt confident that working together could result in the level of quality you deserve when parting with your hard-earned money.

If you loved getting a little SG in your mailbox, though, don’t fret. We’re in major brainstorm mode at SG HQ on how to continue – and improve upon – the curated subscription experience you came to expect from your #SGF Quarterly boxes.

I hate that anyone may be disappointed or feel let down, but at the end of the day, I  want to take care of you. If I don’t feel good about a product – whether it’s a post, a video, or a business partnership, I’ve got to make the short-term hard decision for a better long-term result.

Tell me:

What was the last hard decision you had to make?

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