SG En Route: Headed to Cannes

SG En Route: Headed to Cannes

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cannes 2014 poster, cannes film festival, cannes festival

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 1 min read

cannes 2014, cannes film festival, cannes 2014 poster, cannes festival poster

So all this week I’ve been feeling a bit, well…crazed. I hate using the word “busy” – I think saying it makes you sound boring, so instead I’ll just say that the past few days have been totally jam-packed.

I’m working on two separate projects this morning, then heading home to pack (I haven’t started yet) before hitting the road later today. By tomorrow morning, I’ll be touching down in the south of France for the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Hopefully the ocean view will serve as a stress-reliever?

As for why I’m there: I’ll be covering red carpet style for Details. Be on the lookout next week for some best-dressed lists and celeb style chatter over that way, though of course I’ll be sure to post about it all on SG, too. Already I’m loving this year’s official festival poster, featuring Marcello Mastroianni, the Italian star of Fellini’s . Very suave, don’t you think?

And if you haven’t yet done so, don’t forget to send us a picture of your most stylish look by 12pm EST today. You could win a $250 gift card to Imperial Black. You guys are pretty evenly divided between wanting to try out the company’s shirting vs. their leather goods – both of which look pretty amazing to me. But you won’t get either unless you enter. So grab a co-worker, find some natural lighting, and send us your best look.


Tell me:

Given the chance, what would you wear on the red carpet at Cannes?

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