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Style Girlfriend's Picks Of The Month: January 2014

Starting a new tradition here on SG!

These are the odds and ends that made my month for one reason or another. And if you’re smart, it’s what you’ll be wearing, reading, and using by February 1….

1. A Freewheelin’ Time, by Suze Rotolo

Take the rise of folk music, add NYC’s Greenwich Village in the ’60s, and a before-he-was-famous Bob Dylan, and you’ve got this amazing memoir by the singer’s former flame. After seeing Inside Llewyn Davis and becoming completely obsessed with the music and the era, this provided a surreal glimpse into a time long gone. Rotolo makes you feel like you were there, and you already miss it by the time you reach the last page.

2. Warby Parker Duckworth Glasses in Painted Dessert 

These particular shades are limited edition, which of course just made me want them more.

3. Pressed Juicery – “Greens 2” Juice 

The favorite juice from my recent cleanse. Packed full of kale and spinach, but with just enough sweetness to still like it!

4. Acne jeans in navy 

These jeans look just different enough from your everyday denim. I want to see guys pairing them with literally everything right now.

5. VSCO app for iPhone 

Helps make the Kodak moments that I (still) capture on my phone look good.

6. Cashmere Zip Hoodie(s)

(left to right: J.Crew, Vince, Everlane)

The ultimate splurge. Go ahead and call me crazy for suggesting you spend $300+ on a hoodie, but this is pretty much the ultimate “cozy but I still look dressed up” move. You’ll feel like you’re getting complimented on wearing pajamas (because you will get complimented, a lot).

7. 4-in-1 Adapter from Flight 001 

One less plug, cord, and/or stressful cluster of tech gear makes for better travels.

Tell us:

What were YOU loving this month?