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SG Wants to Know: How Was Your Week?

It’s been a busy week! Here’s everything I’ve been….

Working on:

Getting a few new contributors up to speed. I’m sure anyone who’s ever hired someone under them (even freelance, even part-time) can relate to the exhaustion that comes with offloading work. For awhile, it feels like, “This will just go faster if I do it myself,” so you’re tempted to simply keep doing everything yourself. Of course if you keep that up, you’ll never lighten your workload!

Listening to:

A lotta Outkast, and a lotta Buddy Holly. The former, because they were just announced as headlining this spring’s Coachella music festival in California, and I’m feeling very nostalgic for my high school days pumping SpottieOttieDopalicious in my friend’s mint green Geo Metro (cool kids alert!) on the weekends. The latter, because when is it not a good time for Buddy Holly?


Camo! Loved everyone’s responses to this week’s post on the pattern caught in the crosshairs of fashion and function. At the risk of sounding like a sentimental den mother, I’m very happy we can have good conversation without it resorting to feeling like one side is attacking the other.


Nothing. Literally nothing. I’m on a 3-day cleanse, and while it’s been good so far (today’s my last day!), I do miss the actual sensation of chewing. Every time I go outside, I feel a bit like I’ve been blindfolded because my sense of smell is super-heightened. Every waft of something delicious-smelling cozying up to my nostrils. I’m back to solids tomorrow, though the company cautions a slow re-entry into the planet earth of eating. I make no promises.

Thankful for:

Working from home. This week would have been murder if I’d been in an office – rife with birthday cupcakes, coffee runs, and afternoon group think snack attacks. While I’m getting a little hermit-y, it’s been good to shut myself away from the world a bit while cleansing, or I think I’d be a total monster.


A snowboarding trip to Lake Placid this next week that will hopefully see me finally moving off the bunny slope! It’s funny, I’ve heard from several people who are headed out of town too; I guess the post-holiday slump is inflicting major wanderlust on more than just me.


When am I not in planning mode? Trying to get some good stuff lined up for Valentine’s Day (it’s just around the corner!), and the finale of the awards season, the Oscars. If you don’t think Matthew McConaughey is going to show up in something colorful or shiny or textured and all-around batsh*t amazing, you’re crazy. I can’t wait.

Tell me:

What are you planning/eating/contemplating/thankful for this week?


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