SG Wants To Know: What Are You Self-Conscious About?

SG Wants To Know: What Are You Self-Conscious About?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016 | 3 min read


Okay, okay, that’s not great grammar up there in that title. I know you’re never supposed to end sentences with a preposition, but hey, what’s having your own site for, if not for breaking the grammar rules drilled in by your 7th grade English teacher, right? (But really, sorry Mrs. McVeigh, I do know better…)

But I thought it was a question worth asking, after my aside on Marc Anthony’s (low) weight seemed to ruffle a few readers’ feathers. “Oh, a hamburger? That’s it?” was the chorus coming in from a few guys who, I’m guessing, rival the singer with their own slim profiles.

“If only I knew it was as easy to gain weight as eating one hamburger.”

Got it. Point made. Fair’s fair. And all that.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 7.51.05 AM

{Perez Hilton – the epitome of class…}

I think I tend to be fairly careless with comments about weight and body image on Style Girlfriend because, well, I’m talking to a bunch of dudes.

But it’s a good reminder to me that you guys can feel as insecure and self-concscious about your bodies as we women do.

Duh, right? I know – news flash for Megan.

The difference is that your insecurities aren’t splashed across magazine covers as often, with “5 Tips on Getting Bootyliscious!” explaining how to make it all right. Your perceived imperfections not mirrored by the female celebs with the same ones, recipients of harsh words thrown at them in the media.

While Ryan Gosling (and all his non-famous lookalikes) might suffer from being treated like a piece of meat and held aloft for his body and looks alone, I don’t know that guys get it from the other side – faulted for gaining, then losing, then gaining weight, like Kelly Clarkson. Or sexualized for a Barbie-like figure as Kim Kardashian has been (and yes, she’s pushed that agenda as much as it’s been pushed on her), but then when a picture’s taken from her of behind – a view less flattering to the Barbie proportions – she’s shamed for it in every $.25 newspaper and glossy magazine.

That said, the wrist slap a few of you gave me for my offhand remark about Marc Anthony’s weight was a really REALLY good reminder that body insecurity is not reserved for women alone.

Tell me – if you feel comfortable – in the comments, what about your body makes you feel insecure? Does anyone ever say anything that picks at this insecurity? How do you respond?

I’m really interested in writing something larger around this topic – I think only good things can come from women understanding how men feel about their bodies, and vice versa – so if you’re not comfortable sharing below, but do have something to say on the topic, feel free to reach out outside the confines of the comments secition. You can use the contact form, or simply email me, megan (at) style girlfriend (dot)com. If and when I do write more on the subject, let me know if you want me to keep your first name (all I’d use) private. I love coming up with fake names – at least one of you will be referred to as “Draco” – so it’s not a problem if you want your body issues kept anon.

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