SG’s Picks of the Month for July

SG’s Picks of the Month for July

My favorite summer finds...

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 11 2018 | 3 min read

Each month, I share my favorite finds – from clothes to music to grooming goods for you guys. Share your own in the comments section below, and check out past picks herehere and here


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Below, everything I was digging in July.

1. STYLE // Beachy prints

I’m already feeling nostalgic for the summer. I know, I know – we’ve got a whole month left before I can legally start getting wistful. What can I say? Beachy prints like this Palm Springs-inspired iPhone case just put me in the mood to reminisce.

2. COCKTAIL // Bramble 

In the summer, when I don’t know what I want, I tell the bartender to make me something “refreshing” (tell..ask politely..same difference). The results have varied – I’ve been served everything from a way-too-sweet Mojito to anything and everything garnished with a cucumber.

If you’re looking for that “smacks lips, makes ‘ahhhhhh’ sound” kind of drink in warm weather months, though, you can’t go wrong with a bramble. And it’s easy, too. Get your muddle on, then get some ice. A lot of ice. Any fruit will work, though I like a nice juicy blackberry mashed at the bottom and perched on the side of the glass.

Want to make your own? Try this recipe.

3. MUSIC // Jenny Lewis- The Voyager

This one snuck just under the radar, since the album just came out on Tuesday, but I’ve been listening to the first single, “Just One of the Boys” all month. One half of Rilo Kiley and former Troop Beverly Hills scout, Lewis jams like a girl – and that’s a very good thing.

4. GROOMING // Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Clear Spray SPF 30

While we’re talking grooming, I want to take a moment to sing the praises of this spray sunscreen. How did we live before spray sunscreen? Like free wifi at coffee shops, or TV’s in airplane headrests, all sunscreen from here forward ought to be applied with a light and gentle mist.

5. GROOMING: TAKE 2 // Davines Love Shampoo

My hair naturally lightens in the summer. I’ll walk around the block and people will ask when I got highlights. The downside? Newly lightened hair feels a little like freshly baled hay. This shampoo is crazy-moisturizing, without weighing down my baby-fine straw hair.

6. ACCESSORIES // No-show socks 

I love my Vans. I don’t love that stinky, sweaty feeling of wearing shoes without socks.

While I’m contractually obligated as part of the menswear Illuminati (you won’t tell anyone, right?) to expound on the virtues of a sockless look, I’m not against a life hack for your feet. These bootie-like socks keep you in style and sweat- and stink-free.

7. ON-THE-GO // Miists Pocket Essentials 

A must for traveling. The unique packaging is as clever as it is good-looking, just like you and me!



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