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Shop Abroad: Favorite Places to Visit Across the Pond

Shop Abroad: Favorite Places to Visit Across the Pond
When your local mall just won't do

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Sep 19 2022 | 2 min read

Hey guys, Gabi here! I’m so happy to be back on Style Girlfriend, but also back in the States! I did have a lot of fun learn a lot during my time in London studying the Vogue Fashion Diploma at the Condé Nast College over the last few months, and I even found time to explore the shopping scene. I found a few places I thought you guys might like to check out. Some of them have online stores, but some you’ll have to (like, seriously must) visit in person.

Here are my favorite shops abroad (and a few other places worth a look):


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.48.46 PM

The Kooples

It’s every girl’s dream to have a boyfriend with a wardrobe perfectly coordinated to their own. Okay, maybe not, but The Kooples have made that option a very feasible possibility, and for that I love them.

Other must-stop shops: Stumper & FieldingMatches FashionTopman (at Oxford Circus)Selfridges & Co., Liberty, Cordings



Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.05.23 PM


I knew I liked this concept store before I even stepped inside. The top floor was a cafe, and downstairs you could shop for anything from clothing to furniture. A few of my favorite #menswear brands in the store were Deux Ex MachinaSix & Sons, and Mads Nørgaard.

Other must-stop shops: O’QuireyScotch & Soda, BlueBlood





Jenners was the oldest department store in Scotland until House of Fraser took over. You can get afternoon tea within the store, which is always a plus for me, because I am VERY FANCY. Plus, it has a great view of the city.

Other must-stop shops: CrombieMoss



Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.28.21 PM

Slam Jam

This store is not afraid of color and pattern, so naturally I was all about it. All the cool brands you already loved plus few new ones, all in one place.

Other must-stop shops: La Ferramenta



Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.03.55 PM

Trinity Sweaters

Your sweater game is lacking if you don’t have a classic Aran sweater in rotation. My personal favorites are the Aran Mans Cowlneck and the Irish Aran Sweater, but you really can’t go wrong. And, if you can’t hop on an Aer Lingus before next christmas, they deliver to the US!

Other must-stop shops: Brown Thomas 


Unfortunately I didn’t get to tour all of Europe, and I’m sure I missed a few hidden gems even in the places I did visit. Hey, that’s what the next visit is for, right?

So tell me:

What are your favorite shops to visit when you travel abroad?