Shop the Store: Orvis

Shop the Store: Orvis

Guys, it's way more than just fishing gear
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

I say, “Orvis,” you say … what? Durable luggage? Fly-fishing vests? Lovely round beds for your dog? You wouldn’t be wrong—they carry all that and more, like trips to wingshooting lodges and fish-patterned sheets for your kids. Lost in all that, though, is the fact that this 150-year-old, family-owned, Vermont-based brand makes incredibly hard-wearing—and, wait for it—cool clothes.

Here’s how to shop the store:




Jacket: $1195 | Sweater: $129 | Shirt, $139

I actually prefer their tops to their bottoms, which is why these mini-outfits focus on the best of what they do: their sweaters, plaid shirts, and unbelievably well-constructed jackets. There’s no denying that something like this nearly $1200 bomber jacket is a big spend—but you’ll have it forever. It’s not actually the flight jacket that Ted Chaough wore when he ferried Don by plane to a pitch on Mad Men, but it might as well be—and who am I to argue with the ad man’s best moment?




Jacket: $525 | Sweater: $159 | Shirt: $139

Did I mention that Orvis has a fly-fishing podcast?


Jacket: $275 | Cardigan: $149 | Shirt: $139

I like Orvis best when it gets slightly urban in its approach. Orvis has a surfeit of expertly constructed plaid button-downs, like this one here. What I like best in this look—besides the Steve McQueen-style cardigan—is this stealth-urban coat. Sure—officially, this is a standard quilted jacket, but quilted jackets are having a moment now. You’re just as likely to see this at a swanky Manhattan office as at the fly-fishing seminars.


Jacket: $350 | Shirt: $79 | Tee: $39

I love a tweed jacket, but I’m especially excited about the cowboy-styled shirt and the tee—I know, it looks pretty basic (and sure, you could swap it out for a cheaper model—my current favorite is $15, at Everlane), but it’s designed to be functional: It’s a nylon/Spandex mix, constructed to dry fast, and it’s made to stay odor-free. All that means it’s the perfect tee to wear to the office … and then keep on for the gym.

Tell me:

Where do you draw the line between office-appropriate and only-off-duty?

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