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Shop the Store: Context Clothing

Shop the Store: Context Clothing

The ultimate destination for denim heads and American-based brands

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 1 min read

After I got to highlight a Florida-grown brand a few weeks ago, the next stop on our cross-country tour had to be Madison, Wisconsin. Megan has been raving about Context Clothing and their service-minded approach towards menswear in the office since I started, so I knew I had to check them out. 

The midwestern menswear store offers a denim repair service to tune-up your favorite selvage jeans, only emphasizing Context’s commitment to quality clothing that you’ll be wearing years to come.

Whether you’re a budding selvedge connoisseur or a seasoned denim head, you’ll take one step into Context and see that this curated lifestyle shop with a denim focus will be your one-stop destination for durable, refined Americana menswear.


who started it

Founded by Ryan Huber and Sam Parker in 2005, Context quickly grew beyond the denim shopping destination for Madison men they’d originally envisioned. These guys use their impressive eye for heritage-inspired clothing and knowledge of selvage denim to create a welcoming shopping atmosphere with the highest quality products.

who it’s for

Denim heads and any guy looking for the best of the best from design to production to the actual shopping experience. Their mission is to “instill confidence and comfort in our customers,” says Huber – a mission we’re fully behind at SG HQ. 

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