You Should Really Be Entertaining Outside Right Now

transform your patio just in time for a Labor Day party

By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Aug 31 2018

Have you ever wondered, “How can I turn the prison yard attached to my apartment into a paradise?” Well I have! That’s right—your girl has finally reached one of New York’s golden rings. I have outdoor space. But when I moved in, it looked more like an elevated cage than a coveted patio space beckoning to host a sunset happy hour or cozy spring nightcap after a perfect third date.

But no amount of chain link fencing, pigeon poop or mysterious detritus could dissuade my dream. I was determined to She’s All That the space—hoping that taking off the glasses (so to speak) would reveal a beauty that had been there all along.

Now, as with any good cinematic arc, the transformation has been a journey. I learned… A lot. For example, if you do not use a base, your beautiful 6-foot-wide bistro umbrella will, during a particularly windy storm, levitate out of it’s hole in the middle of an outdoor table, take flight over a 6-foot-high fence and fling itself onto the roof of a dim sum restaurant four stories below.

Sometime around the middle of the summer, things really began to change. Chic and comfortable furniture replaced worn-to-death folding chairs. A potted palm replaced a planter full of rocks with a dead roach under it. I bought an umbrella base. It felt like a heck of a lot more work than getting contact lenses and replacing a messy braid with a chic bob haircut, but finally—the makeover was complete. 

And then it rained. And rained. And rained.

This summer has been sort of the worst, weather-wise, but finally (just in time for Labor Day?!) I was able to throw a sort of “patio warming” party that inspired me to finally get around to my point: Peak outdoor entertaining season is actually right now.

So as we ease into the blissful weeks of late summer and early fall, I want to share some hot takes on how you can make the most of your outdoor space. Break out the cheeseboard, put the rosé on ice and for god’s sake secure the umbrella—it’s time to party.

Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Setting the Mise En Scene

Oui oui, I’m using French right now. That’s how fancy my patio makeover makes me feel. 

First thing’s first though, before I show you how to create a nice party vibe… Here’s what my space looked like before. Which, like, honestly was pretty sad, right? There’s potential, certainly, but it was a mess of mismatched furniture and strings of wacky lights haphazardly hung around the chain link fence.

Not to mention there was just a lot of random… Garbage? So I started with a major clean up before adding any new furniture. I kept the dining table so we’d have a proper place to eat, but everything else had to go!

To figure out what kind of vibe I wanted to create, I worked with the good people over at Article—a direct-to-consumer furniture company you need to know about. Together we selected a three-seater couch, a coffee table and two lounge chairs to create a laid-back hangout spot where my roommate and I could entertain friends and dazzle them with my cheeseboard assembly skills. It feels like an outdoor living room, which, when you have a small city apartment, feels like a precious gift!

Furniture: Article Daisy Lounge Chair | Article Arca Sofa | Article Ora Table

The couch is so deep and comfortable I do this thing some nights where I bring my dinner and my laptop outside so I can watch The Bold Type and eat a salad while relaxing on it. But, the standout pieces for me are really the Daisy chairs. They stand out so much they honestly define the whole look of the patio now, thanks to their cool circular shape and bohemian look. Plus, they’re comfortable AF and look really good on Instagram.

To make your outdoor sitting area really come together, consider an outdoor rug. They add color and sophistication with minimal effort, plus there are a bunch of affordable options on Amazon, like these really dope ones from Fab Habitat.

Shade is key

For the dining area, a few simple changes totally transformed the table. I got rid of the (admittedly very comfortable) not-that-cute folding chairs, and replaced them with four Poly & Bark stools I found on Amazon. The piece de resistance though—see, still feeling fancy with French—is the Galtech 6’ Patio Umbrella with a nice natural canvas color. It’s a total game-changer, and together with the white stools really upgraded the nondescript glass table. Plus, having a shady spot is essential in New York’s brutal summer heat. I often open it up in the mornings and sit out there with my coffee and my computer to check emails before heading to the office.

Lighting is even more key

Whether you want to impress a lady friend you’re bringing back to you pad for the first time, or just get a nice mood going for your next barbeque, lighting is essential. For my patio, I kept things a little whimsical and fun with two strands of star string lights and two strands that look like little metal lanterns. However, you can keep things super simple with an extra-long strand of Edison bulb lights, like this 50 foot strand I found on Amazon for just $32.

Additionally, my mom turned me on to the genius of flameless candles—their batteries last forever and they’re a lot safer than having an open flame. Group them in the middle of the table and voila, instant ambiance.

Throwing a Successful Party

Once you’ve got your furniture and the general vibe of your outdoor space setup, it’s time to send out the invites and start prepping for a memorable evening under the stars… Or the glow from other people’s apartment windows…

Divide and Conquer with a Potluck-style Meal

This tip feels obvious to me, but I think it bears repeating anyway, in case you haven’t hosted much at your home. Unless you feel comfortable taking on the responsibility of purchasing and prepping enough food and drinks for all your friends—ask them to contribute.

On your end, I think you should have at least enough drinks and a few light bites to get the first few guests going. From there, lean on your guests a bit to provide some easily sharable appetizers and drinks.

If you’re at a loss, I usually start with a cheese and cured meat plate, and decorate it with a few bunches of green grapes and a couple bowls with little treats like almonds and cornichons. For drinks, I like to have the makings for aperol spritzes or my personal summer fav, a “Stieglrita” to offer people when they arrive.

Since I want to encourage all of you to think beyond the bag of chips or tub of hummus (sorry, but those are so lame), here are a few of my favorite super-simple potluck-approved summer recipes you can handle as a host or a guest—no matter your cooking skills:

Create stations for optimal mingling

My little patio has enough room for two “hang spaces” so when I had friends over the other night, I designated the dining table as the bar area, and had all the food on the coffee table, so people could gather around and graze comfortably. Creating “stations” like this keeps people moving around and talking, and helps avoid having all your guests crammed into one area. Whether you designate an area as a dance floor is up to you.

Manipulate the mood with the perfect playlist

You guys didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging without mood music, did you? If you follow me on Twitter (or have read past SG posts like this and this) you know I love making playlists. And more than that, I love putting them to use when I have people over.

This one is aptly called “Patio SNZ” and it is my gift to you. It contains a pretty wide, genre-spanning selection of tunes, from Childish Gambino and the Aces to Savoir Adore and Charlie Puth. (Don’t at me on this one, guys. “BOY” is my song of summer and I won’t hear another word about it.)

The right music can completely change the mood of a party, so choose wisely. The songs in this playlist are meant to keep things upbeat and poppy at first, then slide into those chill, post-sunset vibes.


Don’t waste these precious late summer and early fall evenings, guys. Please. Host a Friday night happy hour for your friends and coworkers. Invite that cute girl over for a night cap in your backyard under those twinkly lights you painstakingly hung for exactly this purpose.



*Some of the furniture you see was provided kindly by the folks at Article and Patio Living.