Steal His Look: John Legend

On-the-move and in style

Can we start by addressing how hard it is to avoid a “dress like a legend” quip? Well, it looks like I snuck it in regardless…but I digress. John Legend makes it look all too easy: singing his way into our hearts, marrying a top model, and landing on nearly every ‘best dressed’ list. While this crooner’s personal life with Chrissy Teigen – from what I’ve gathered from social media – is something to be marveled at, what really impresses me is how he’s constantly on the move and oh-so-put-together.

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While at an event for Axe’s relaunch recently, I was able to get a first-hand glimpse of his simple style when he came to give a speech about his work with Axe Collective. I say glimpse despite his delivery of a full speech because you could tell he was immediately ushered off for his next appearance. He donned a sleek polka dot pinstriped suit and white v-neck tee along with chunk brogues – it was effortless and chic.

Though you guys may not be jetting of to a myriad of appearances, there’s a still a lot to take from his busy guy style for your own wardrobe. Recently, he continued to prove just how impactful a white tee can be when he joined his lady to promote her book. His casual cool outfit complete with black denim and a burgundy leather bomber was undeniably attractive yet understated.

John Legend and his on-the-go style:

Jacket: Schott NYC, $650 | T-Shirt: Nudie, $35 | Jeans: AG Jeans, $180

Shoes: Rag & Bone, $210 | Socks: Pair of Thieves, $10 | Watch: Nixon, $200

Bag: Hook & Albert, $175 | Eye gel: Clinique, $30 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, $150

Wear it well:

  • Don’t be afraid to go with a bold color leather jacket, just keep the rest of the outfit simple.
  • Keep it polished in a plain white tee. You can pair this wardrobe staple with suits or more casual outfits a la Mr. Legend.
  • Taking a quick trip? Swap your carry-on or gym bag for an interesting weekend bag.
  • Combat dark circle and puffy eyes using under-eye treatment s0 you don’t look as jet-lagged as you (probably) feel when constantly on the move.



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