Steal His Look: Harry Styles

The secret to simplified rockstar style

When we dig into our Google analytics dashboard, we see plenty of search terms that bring new readers to Style Girlfriend. “How to wear joggers,” “college guy hair” “wardrobe essentials.”

It is (ahem) a sign of the times that one search term sticks out from the rest, if only for how disappointed the person searching must be when they hit our site after googling: “Harry Styles Girlfriend.”

Because we are clearly not the right outlet for that kind of intel, and if you have found us this way, I am so sorry. Here’s a gif of the former One Direction heartthrob winking at you – yes, you! I hope that helps.

However, we feel confident that soon enough, more folks will be finding exactly the information they’re looking for when they fire up the ol’ internet machine looking for: “Harry Styles style.”

Because guys, it’s time to get on board with the fact that Harry Styles is quickly becoming a style icon for our generation. 

The 1D’er has an androgynous look in the vein of David Bowie and Mick Jagger, to whom Styles has often been compared (and who he recently played in a sketch on Saturday Night Live) that feels very cool and throwback-y right now.

While I won’t suggest you start shopping for the women’s suits he’s been wearing in photo shoots (though I do want them all for myself, while simultaneously worrying that I wouldn’t be able to pull them off), it’s really his off-duty style that I’d be happy for you to take a cue from.

This picture, from a recent Rolling Stone cover story, is one I’d like to see every guy emulate this summer.

The brilliance is in the simplicity. It’s just jeans and a t-shirt! Boots and a bandana! Nothing complicated, and nothing that’s too hot to be comfortable wearing.

The key that ties it all together, literally? That red bandana. So breezy! So effortless! So…stylish!

Below, copy the Harry Styles…style:

Jeans: Frame, $230 | Tee: Everlane, $16 | Boots: Paul Smith, $295

Bandana: Target (2 pack), $2 | Sunglasses: Illesteva, $177

Bracelet: Miansai, $70 | Dopp kit: Men’s Society, $35 | Socks: Ace & Everett, $26 

Wear it well: The bandana as outfit level-upper is really having a moment right now, with all of us here at Style Girlfriend HQ endorsing it as the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe.

Here’s the secret; the best ones are beat up af. So buy yours at a thrift store; you can usually find bandanas in all sizes and colors in bins by the bucketful for a buck or two apiece. My advice? Start with red and navy and go from there.

In terms of how to wear it, the more worn the fabric, the better it will hold a roll, and the less chance you have of looking like a sleepaway camp counselor.

You can get really fancy with your knot (like this or this), but I’m a fan of keeping it simple with just a simple knot in front with 1-2 inches sticking out from each end.