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Steal His Look: Jay Z

Fade to black with the rapper's "On the Run" style

Let me hear ya say, “Heeeey Mr. Carter…”

Queen Bey might be every woman’s style spirit animal (guilty), but her hubby Jay Z’s no slouch in the fashion department either. Nowhere is that wardrobe better on display than the couple’s current “On The Run” tour. And no, I didn’t get tickets for their recent NYC shows, and yes, I’m still bitter about it.

The all-black outfit is clearly Jay’s go-to choice for performances. If he’s not sporting a tux on stage, you will see him in a stylish head-to-toe black ensemble. It might seem very simple, but this monochromatic look is sharp and clean-cut.

Accent pieces like a black beanie, statement watch, or, say, a chain that cost more than your mortgage, make an otherwise could-be-boring one-color ensemble feel stylish and – let’s just say it – very freaking cool.

Adding one print – like Jay’s camo jacket below – takes things from classic to trendy, if you’re into that kind of thing.

What We Like:

  • All black everything. Far from boring, wearing head-to-toe in one color can look sharp, trendy, and cool (like Hov himself). Just be sure your monochrome looks interntional, not “I didn’t want to worry about matching when I got dressed this morning.”
  • Comfort. Blue Ivy’s dad always looks comfortable onstage – helpful when you’re belting out two hours worth of hits every night – but not sloppy.
  • Highlighting just one statement accessory. From a Yankees hat to a solid watch…oh and Beyoncé doesn’t look bad on his arm either.

Want to steal Hova’s (nearly) all-black-errrything style? Try these pieces:

Jacket: PacSun, $50 | Shirt: Old Navy, $10 | Pants: H&M, $15 | Watch: Nixon, $95

Beanie: Neff, $18 | Sunglasses: CRAP, $56 | Shoes: Nike, $80 | Chain: Miansai Brummel, $95



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