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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Last minute, little gifts

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 30 2019

Guys, this is it. We’re in the home stretch. If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, check out these stocking stuffers perfect for your dad, your brother, or to dump into your own “Dad” stocking while your kids sleep (I still find it amusing to see my parents extract the latest Travel + Leisure, or a set of tea towels out of their stockings on Christmas morning…when I’m a parent, I’m just going to tell my kids I opened mine already so I don’t have to bother with additional shopping).

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Below, 9 last-minute stocking stuffers for guys:

Why we love these stocking stuffer gift ideas:

1. Marvis toothpaste travel set, $36 — Insert The Marvelous Marvis Toothpaste joke here (no seriously, it’s so close to Christmas, we’re too tired to be clever).

2. Banana Republic socks, $15 — These are described as “holiday orange” which we’re not really sure is a thing, but hey. If BR says it’s festive, who are we to say they’re not?

3. Goodfellow & Co, $22 — Target’s new menswear line continues to impress. These slippers are just oh-so-cozy.

4. RX Almond Butter, $14 for 10 — “You look like a snack.” Me, to this almond butter single serving snack, every time I pull a pouch from my bag. This is hands down the best snack to keep on hand at all times. No kid required.”

5. Saturdays NYC touchscreen gloves, $50 — Touchscreen-friendly fingertips for convenience and a touch of cashmere for ultra-luxe warmth.

6. Baxter of California lip balm, $10 — Did you know that 10 out of 10 women enjoy kissing more when it doesn’t feel like an exercise in exfoliation? It’s science!

7. Kusmi Tea, $34 — For the guy who’s determined to drink less coffee in the new year (a good goal, tbh).

8. Ursa Major face wipes, $24 for 20 — A “forever” recco from team SG. Keep a few in your gym bag, and in your desk at work. Hey, can’t let them see you sweat before that end of year review, right?

9. Men’s Society screen wipes, $12 for 8 — In the winter, we’re all just germ-carrying, disease-festering human dumpsters. These screen wipes can help keep you and your devices just a little cleaner, and hopefully a little healthier this season.

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