Best Style Advice for Men: 3 Tips for Every Guy

Best Style Advice for Men: 3 Tips for Every Guy

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 4 2018 | 2 min read

“Quick, what’s your best style advice for men?” On a recent trip to Maine, I found the seafood wasn’t the only thing getting grilled.

In Portland to visit a friend from college who’d since moved back home to take over the family business, I got prepped as we drove to dinner with his extended clan one night.

 {with my friend Luc..after a decade of friendship, he still gets worried other girls will “think we’re together” so pictures are rare}

“My uncle’s a lawyer, Meg,” he playfully warned me. “He likes to interrogate people. Sometimes I don’t even think he knows he’s doing it. I already told him you write about men’s style for a living, so just…get ready.”

I was ready.

Dinner was delicious (Salmon! Freshly picked berries!), with no mention of my work all through the main course. But as the plates were cleared, and dessert was served, the cross examination began.

“So, tell me,” he asked, leaning forward in his chair. “What are the three rules a man trying to be more fashionable should follow?”

Without missing a beat, I rattled off the first three things that popped into my mind, and if I do say so myself, it was pretty good advice. So I thought I’d share here, my three under-the-gun tips for guys just getting started on a new wardrobe.

Below, my best style advice for men:

1. Know your size

Too many guys walk around in clothes that are too big (or too small!) simply because that’s what they’ve always worn. Head to your local tailor – or grab a tape measure-wielding wife or girlfriend – and find out all your measurements. You’ll be amazed at the difference sizing up or down can make to your look.

2. Center your wardrobe around two colors

Pick one neutral (gray, black, navy, tan) and one brighter color that you’re often complimented while wearing. Stick to these or complementary shades  for a cohesive closet. Not to say your wardrobe can only contain these hues, but by stocking your closet with more of these two tones, you’ll find yourself pulling together outfits much more easily.

3. Don’t worry so the end of the day, they’re just clothes

Want to try the latest trend, but afraid you’ll look silly? Try it anyways. Wish you could rock a bow tie and blazer at the office even though everyone else wears jeans and t-shirts every day? What’s the worst that could happen, you get more attention from your female co-workers? That doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. Getting dressed should be fun. If you decide you don’t like what you wore one day, don’t worry too much about it. Tomorrow’s another day, and your wardrobe is waiting.



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