Style Girlfriend Asks: How Was Your Week?

Style Girlfriend Asks: How Was Your Week?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 28 2019 | 3 min read

Here’s what I’ve been up to! Tell Style Girlfriend about your week in the comments below:


Makin’ that cheddar! I’ve been doing a bit more on-site freelancing than usual, which is good – saving for my unborn children’s college funds and all that – but also because it gives me a chance to drag all my work dresses out of the closet that I haven’t put to use in awhile. Hello Banana Republic wrap dress from three seasons ago!


The upcoming election. No matter which side of the party fence you fall on, I think it’s so important to be informed, and to vote, obviously. And on top of that? It’s fun! Check out my bingo sheet from my friend’s debate night party on Thursday:


I made a huge batch of quinoa at the beginning of this week, and can I tell you how sick of it I am? So. Sick. Here’s the thing: I like quinoa, but it’s kind of like watching An Inconvenient Truth or some other documentary where you’re learning stuff and not just like, watching penguins play slip & slide on an ice float as Morgan Freeman narrates. You know it’s good for you but after awhile you just want it to be over.

This weekend, I’m going to house some burritos like it’s my job. Extra cheese.


Mumford & Sons “Babel.” I was slow to board the Mumford Express until I was forced (maybe ‘forced’ is the wrong word) to listen to this album like, three times in a row while hanging out with a friend who’s basically obsessed.

THEN two days ago I saw a picture in a months-old Us Weekly of the lead singer with actress/new wife Carey Mulligan, and – get this – his last name really is Mumford! I had always thought the band must have simply brainstormed the most hipster-y name they could, and Mumford & Sons won out over, I don’t know, “Swarthy Valencia.” For some reason, that endeared me to them further. Earnestly rock on, guys.


{I accidentally took this picture while trying to call my mom the other day}

A lot of color. I’m basically a walking box of Crayola crayons. I don’t know if it’s the weather that has me fearful that winter, with all its loping darkness, is coming, or if I just have accumulated a lot of in-between season clothing in technicolor shades. Either way, you pretty much have to wear shades when you see me.


My health! Knock on wood – I’m talking, a huge oak tree, one of those that whole families visit in the redwoods and take their christmas picture where they’re standing around the whole thing and their arms aren’t long enough to link..that big – that I’m not sick yet. I am someone who gets sick quarterly. Bad. So I’m excited to have made it past this first phase of fall where you sometimes realize you probably should have brought a jacket, without catching even a slight cold.


Real deal Fall. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little antsy to put on my sweaters, cords, and tights. Okay, maybe you are not antsy to get your tights on. But hey, I don’t know. You’ve gotta do you.


Some more site tweaks :/ Ugh, I know I just did that. I KNOW. But everyone keeps telling me my search bar sucks, and there’s just some little design things that have been driving me nuts with the templated theme I chose. I’m ready for a custom job, so if anyone knows a designer/developer who I could work with, please let me know!

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