Style Girlfriend Asks: How Was Your Hurricane Week?

Style Girlfriend Asks: How Was Your Hurricane Week?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 28 2019 | 2 min read



Getting into the city! Hurricane Sandy came in and washed public transportation away. I’ve relocated twice, first from dogsitting down on Wall Street – better known as “Evacuation Zone A” to the Lower East Side of Manhattan (north but not by much), then finally retreating to Brooklyn, where we have power but no way of getting, well, anywhere.

I’ve been here since Tuesday with no end in sight. The subway trains going under the East River (the one that divides Brooklyn and Manhattan) could be down for ten days I’ve heard, and I’m about ready to swim across.

{pre-Hurricane Sandy, with canine friend}

There are buses, sure, but there’s only three shuttling between the two boroughs, nowhere convenient to me, and nowhere near where I want to be going. Plus, there’s lines six blocks long just to get on them. I hear bad things about LA’s commute, but two hours for a trip that usually takes me a half hour is a bit ridiculous.


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{The dark night}


Whatever’s in my cupboards. There’s no fresh food to be had, even here in Brooklyn, where the power’s up. I managed to grab the last OJ at my grocery store today and was pretty psyched about it.


The fact that I have internet, that I have food in my cupboards.


Being able to cross freely into and out of Manhattan. Fingers crossed for next week.


What about you? How was your week? Hopefully hurricane-free? Tell me in the comments!

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