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Style Girlfriend Man of Style: Aaron Paul

By Megan Collins | Sep 27 2013

So who’s watching the Breaking Bad series finale this Sunday?!

{What will become of Walt and Jesse?}

Okay, okay: not me, since the level of suspense on that show is WAY too intense for me, but I do plan to get debriefed immediately following the episode so I can make appropriate water cooler conversation, and also so my Twitter feed for the next five days makes any sense at all.

Feel free to share your theories about how it’s all going to go down in the comments below, but also to revel in the style of one of its stars, Mr. Aaron Paul.

Every time this guy shows up to an awards show he looks like a.) he’s having the best time of anyone there, and b.) super handsome and stylish.

Below, three reasons why Aaron Paul is this week’s Style Girlfriend Man of Style:

1) He always dresses for the occasion.

While his BB character Jesse probably doesn’t even own a suit, Paul always shows up looking sharp in a suit that fits just so. Being on the smaller side, it’s all the more important that he finds clothes that fit him properly, as it’s so easy to look like you’re swimming in your suiting otherwise.

2) He’s publicly in love with his wife

Paul showed up to Sunday’s Emmys with a nomination in his pocket both for himself and for his show (the show won, he didn’t). All he wanted to talk about? His new wife. Sure, he’s still in the honeymoon phase, but it’s always a good look for a man to be so into his partner. Over the next few days, try complimenting your wife or girlfriend right in front of her. Then try it ten more times a week for the rest of your life. You’ll be a happy guy.

3) He takes style risks

If you can even call a midnight blue tux a “risk,” since it looks so great when photographed. Or this double-breasted number, worn to a pre-Emmys function last week. Does he look his age? Absolutely. Comfortable? Looks like it. Super stylish? Definitely.

Tell me:

What do you think makes Paul a stylish guy? And who do you think is going to bite the bullet on this Sunday’s BB?!

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