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SG Man of Style: Drake

By Style Girlfriend | Jan 16 2014

Here at SGHQ, we’re big fans of Canadian teen soap star-turned rapper-turned catchphrase-coining mononame’d phenomenon (YOLO, anyone?) Drake.

Not only did his latest effort, Nothing Was the Same, get me through my last half-marathon, he’s also a really stylish guy who seems like he’d be a blast to hang out with. As this weekend’s Saturday Night Live host and musical guest, we thought the timing was as good as any to expound on our love for Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham.

Below, a few reasons why Drake is an SG Man of Style:

He’s invested in his style…literally

On top of the singing and acting that we imagine keeps him quite busy, Drake also fancies himself a bit of a designer. Like Kanye, but without the attitude. His OVO clothing line, which stands for “October’s Very Own,” has become one of the more popular celebrity designer collections – which is actually saying something, since there are so many these days. A sample of his newest sneaker with Nike, the OVO Air Jordan Retro 10s, is even selling for $100,000 on eBay. A SAMPLE.

He has fun with clothes

Drake sang the hook on an insanely catchy but also totally ridiculous song called Versace, which was stuck in our heads for the better portion of the fall. More recently, the basketball fan showed off a suit whose lining consisted of a vintage Vince Carter Raptors jersey. Cool? Cool.

Here’s a guy who cares about clothes, but doesn’t take himself too seriously about them. That’s the sweet spot.

 He’s bursting with hometown pride

Drake has craaaazy love for Canada, where he’s from (check out this vintage pic). Recently appointed the global ambassador for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which includes the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, the NHL’s Maple Leafs and the MLS’ Toronto FC, it feels like you can’t talk about our neighbors to the north these days without mentioning Drizzy.

As a bordering-on-annoying Wisconsin enthusiast, I can relate to this appreciation for your roots. Being proud of where you’re from, or at the very least, appreciative of what it’s helped you become, is a very attractive quality in another person. Why distance yourself from your roots, or be embarrassed of a less-than-tantalizing backstory? It’s so much more interesting to embrace the history that made you YOU.

He loves the ladies

And we don’t mean that in a “he snags a lot of ladies” (though, let’s be real. It’s Drake. He probably does). We mean, he has a real appreciation for the value of women and relationships. We’ve lost count of how many interviews he’s given ‘fessing up to crushes, talking about his mom, and owning up to dates that never went anywhere. For celebrities in the spotlight – especially musicians – and especially especially rappers – it feels like the tendency is to consider women as a commodity. The higher the number of notches in the bedpost, the better. It doesn’t seem that way with Drake.

He knows “casaul” doesn’t have to mean sloppy

As a musician, Drake obviously doesn’t have an office dress code to adhere to, but he still heads out looking polished and appropriate for any occasion. He loves a good sweater, which is very endearing coming from a rapper whose Instagram handle is Champagne Papi, and a great chukka boot (which wins him points at SG HQ, as you well know..)

Get The Look:

Sweater:J.Crew x Comme Des Garçones, $410 

Henley:H&M, $10 

Jeans:7 for all mankind, $169 

Boot:Timberland, $140 

Necklace:Giles & Brothers: $135

Tell us:

Are you a fan of Drake’s style? And will you be watching him on Saturday Night Live this weekend?

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