Style Girlfriend on RMRS: Better than the Mall: Why Your Girlfriend Shops Your Closet

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016

Guesting over on Real Men Real Style today, discussing the six pieces of clothing women most often want to steal from men’s closets (and the one we really don’t).

From the article:

When it comes to clothes, women act like magnets around the closets of stylish men. We seem to be attracted to what you’re wearing through some strange, unexplained force of nature.

What was hanging in your closet, flung on your bed, on you even – whoosh – she’s suddenly got on and is heading out the door.

This clever vanishing act your female companion performs on the contents of your wardrobe can happen at any time, to nearly any article of clothing. The sweater you wanted to wear to work today? Sorry, it’s crumpled at the bottom of one of her purses (not the one she’s carrying now, of course) because she borrowed it a week ago at the movies. The sweatpants you were planning to wear to bed? She’s already got ‘em on…