SG’s Picks of the Month for August

SG’s Picks of the Month for August

my favorite end-of-summer finds

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jun 14 2022 | 3 min read

Each month, I share my favorite finds – from music to clothes, books to body products, and more –  for you, the reader. Share your own in the comments, then check out past SG-approved months hereherehere, and here.

1. “The Hard Thing About Hard Things”

Lately, I’ve been finding a way to bring this book up in every single conversation I have. With anyone. About anything. What to have for lunch. Where to go on vacation. And oh yeah, how to be a total B-O-S-S. Ben Horowitz has been a start-up guy, a big-time CEO guy, and now an angel investor. As an entrepreneur looking to grow her business, and be the boss, his advice is to the point and useful. Honestly, though, even if you never plan to go off on your own, or raise a round, his sound advice will still be useful. Give it a listen.

2. FKA Twigs – LP 1  

I’d been seeing the wheatpaste wild postings for FKA Twigs’ “marionette stranded in hipster Williamsburg” album cover for the past month (or more?) in Brooklyn. The music is slightly less strange than the album cover, and twice as good as that. The highest praise I can give, I suppose is to say it’s been giving Sam Smith and Jenny Lewis a break as my “chill, background vibe-y on repeat all day, everyday” music.

3. Cargo pants (no, not that kind)

Cargo pants look notoriously terrible on everyone of us with legs that can be defined as anything but “pin-thin.” Since the pockets hit at the exact widest part of your hips/leg, they add a couple inches around that none of us really need. That’s why I was so excited to discover this style from Paige Denim at PROJECT  recently. The pockets sit in front, so you get the “Look, I’m not wearing plain ‘ol jeans/khakis” visual interest, but not the extra bulk.

4. Micheladas

If you haven’t been drinking this refreshing mix of beer and tequila all summer anyway, August is the perfect time to play catch-up. GQ’s got an easy recipe HERE.

5. Stubble & ‘Stache Face Moisturizer and Beard Conditioner

Another PROJECT find (that was a productive trip!), this multi-purpose grooming product doubles down on your moisturizing routine. The plant-based ingredients hydrate scratchy skin and soften your scruff.

6. Hook

Watch a Robin Williams movie this month. Does it have to be Hook? Of course not, but you could do worse than bangarang with the Juilliard-trained actor, who lost a lifelong battle with depression this month (If you ever find yourself similarly out of options, please talk to someone.)

7. Adidas slides

I swear to god, if you buy your throwback sandals from J.Crew… I love me some “Remember these?” summer slides; after all, I’ve been on the Birkenstocks bandwagon for awhile now. When the shower shoes you know from your freshman dorm’s communal bathroom come back into style, you don’t question it, you just pull them out from deep under your bed, dust off any mold, and slip in. Wear yours with dark denim or khakis and a nice roll.

Tell me:

What were your favorite finds this month?

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