Style Girlfriend Community Spotlight: Joseph from California

Style Girlfriend Community Spotlight: Joseph from California

He's all about a leather jacket
reader spotlight, real guy style

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 13 2019 | 4 min read

It’s time for another installment of our Style Girlfriend community spotlight series!

You guys know, it’s you—the SG community!—who are the lifeblood of Style Girlfriend. Without all of you showing up here every day to check out what’s new, shop our picks, and even work with us on updating your wardrobe, all of us here on Team SG would just be shouting “HOW ABOUT TRYING SOME CHINOS?!” into an empty void.

Below, a Style Girlfriend community spotlight on Joseph: 

reader spotlight, real guy style

Name, age, occupation, and location

Joseph Padilla, 30, Health Department Office Worker, Daly City, CA (the Filipino town that’s a 10-mile drive away from SF)

When did you first discover Style Girlfriend?

Wow, this one’s tough! I’d like to say right around 2012 to 2013. Back when the 5 Days 5 Ways articles looked like this. Yup! Those were the days!

Can you describe your “aha” moment about the importance of personal style?

Growing up exposed to pop-punk and American Idol ingrained in me that mantra of individuality and freshness. Because of that, I used the inspiration to spruce up my usual tee-and-jeans canvas and to stand out from the preppy and sporty styles that I was surrounded with. Not that they’re bad at all but it was to make my style more personal. Open shirts, lightweight jackets, and long-sleeved tees: those were my thing. Fast-forward to now and I currently have a considerable amount of easy tees, versatile button-ups and badass jackets in my wardrobe.

What does dressing well mean to you?

Dressing well is self-expression through personal style with mindfulness towards context and aesthetics (read: fit and other clothing details).

What was your first “million bucks moment”?

After the hunt for the perfect leather jacket, I have finally found one in a cool double-rider silhouette from AllSaints that fits me like a glove and has cool subtle details (it’s midnight-colored!). Pretty much elevates any kind of outfit I have and garners me compliments left and right. It also bears noting that the ego-boosting from the salespeople there steered me into making the purchase and looking into the concept of buying pieces that will last in my wardrobe for years to come.

Below, young Joseph

reader spotlight, real guy style

Quick Hits

Favorite “splurge” clothing brand?

Ever since I’ve bought one of their leather jackets, AllSaints takes the cake!

Go-to “steal” clothing brand?

Uniqlo, hands down!

Grooming product you can’t live without?

Gatsby Oil Wipes are a must to keep my skin oil-free.

The oldest piece of clothing you have in your closet?

I have a well-worn black hoodie from H&M I bought on a trip to Spain ten years ago and it has served me from being standalone outerwear during my early adulthood life to fall layering piece/lounging around wear today.

Night in or a night out?

On a typical weekend, I’ll go for a night out for one day just to try out the latest in food/have tea/go shopping and spend nights in on the rest of the days to do errands/veg out.

Signature drink?

For non-alcoholic, I go for black tea with some milk and sweetener. For alcoholic, something sweet like Riesling or rose is my kind of speed.

First celebrity crush

Baby Spice! She continues to have a place in my heart to this day

Summer wardrobe staple

Open shirts over tees! It’s why I’m excited to use my work shirt and band collar shirts for the summer. If I wanted something with a little more heft, a lightweight bomber suffices, especially for those cooler summer nights.

Celebrity style inspiration

Gosling in his more casual and edgy outfits. For more aspirational stuff, I look into Ryan Reynolds, Justin Theroux and the ultimate #stylegoal: Jeff Goldblum.


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