Let SG Shop For You: Try our Men’s Online Styling Service

Let SG Shop For You: Try our Men’s Online Styling Service

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jul 9 2019 | 7 min read

When I took the plunge from freelance writing to go full-time on Style Girlfriend (a feat that still astounds many well-meaning strangers. “So this is…what you do? For a living?” Yep! Can you believe it?) I didn’t know where it would take me.

Now, the Style Girlfriend community includes hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world, and I wake up feeling hashtag-blessed every goddamn day.

So first off, thank you. Knowing that we help you dress—and live!—with more confidence occasionally reduces me to ugly tears like I’m watching a Pixar movie on a plane.

Which is exactly why I’m so excited to share what’s next.

For as long as Style Girlfriend’s been around, we’ve gotten questions from readers about personal stuff

Not weird personal stuff, like, “Should I get this mole checked?”

More like, “Loved that article on colored chinos, Meg, but I’ve got soccer player thighs and probably won’t fit into any of ‘em. Any ideas?” and “Going to a wedding next July in a barn. What do I wear?” and even “My closet is in need of a major overhaul. Where do I start?”

And I love that we can help. The team and I field tweets and emails as quickly as we can. Our (admittedly sporadic) YouTube videos answer reader questions, but lately my inbox looks like an aging boy bander trying to fit into skinny jeans: totally stuffed.

That’s why we now offer online personal shopping!

style girlfriend styling service, men's online shopping service
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Here’s the deal. Personal stylists are great, but super-expensive. Styling services (like Trunk Club and StitchFix) that advertise themselves as “free” make money by selling you products they carry, always at full price. The result? Nothing’s ever on sale AND you wind up looking like every other guy who uses the service. So much for personalized personal shopping.

That’s why we’re psyched to now offer online personal shopping services from Style Girlfriend.

By offering our personal shopping services for a flat fee and NOT carrying inventory, we’re able to search every brand and product the internet has to offer—including stuff on sale or even clearance. Instead of a box of goods sent to your door you may or may not like, you’ll get a thorough shopping list, with links, of the exact items we think you’d look and feel best wearing. Oh, and ideas on how to wear ’em, too.
There’s a good chance you’ll wind up saving money (or at least breaking even!) by working with Style Girlfriend, AND you’ll walk away with a wardrobe that looks and feels much more personal to your budget, body type, and personal style.
men's online styling service, men's online shopping service

“I’m intrigued. Tell me more.”

clothes hanger, men's online shopping service

Your very own personal shopper (a member of Team SG!) will dash around the internet, Supermarket Sweep-style, to help you check off all your shopping needs.

Here’s how easy Team SG will make your life:

1. Decide if you need a wardrobe Refresh or Reboot.

REFRESH: Need a full look to wear to an upcoming wedding? Want a few new items to spruce up your closet for the season? A Refresh is for you.

REBOOT: Ready to start over with your wardrobe? Maybe you’re graduating and need to start dressing like a grownup. Or you’ve taken a new job with an office dress code that’s totally different than your current workplace. Or maybe you have a really clear idea in your head of how you want to dress but haven’t figured out how to bring it to life?

2. On a Skype call with your digital shopper, tell her what you’ve got and what you want, and what you like and what you just can’t stand.

This is your time to shine. Curious about a new brand, color combo, or maybe a trend? Fostering some secret insecurities about your size? Lay it on us. All of it.

3. Receive a list of recommended items to buy and suggestions on how to wear them.

Shop from the list your digital shopper sends you. And of course, ask any follow-up questions to make sure you know exactly what you want and how to wear it.

Bottom line? You’re a busy guy who wants looking good and feeling confident to be easier. We can help you get there.

“Why should I work with you over the free services out there?”

Because they’re not really that great a deal when you break down what you get.

Styling services that advertise themselves as “free” make money by selling you products they carry, always at full price. The result? What you gain in a free service, you lose in full-price clothes and less-than-personalized results.

By offering our personal shopping services online for a flat fee and NOT carrying inventory, we’re able to search every nook and cranny on the internet—including products on sale or even clearance.

Will your team know how to find clothes that are right for me?”

t-shirt icon

Yes! We understand that every guy is unique, and we’ve learned plenty about the best clothes for different body types (and different budgets!) over the years. With this new service, we’re putting that knowledge to work for you. Meaning? You can expect truly personalized support.

“The reason I never signed up for other services was that most of their outfits were so boring and uninspired – brown shoes, dark blue jeans / chinos, and a neutral-ish shirt.”

Okay, this one’s more of a comment than a question, but Preach! Here at SG HQ, we agree that the services out there today that make you buy the clothes they carry offer the OPPOSITE of personal style!

Like I said, we’re not getting into the e-commerce biz. We don’t carry clothes, and we don’t sell them to you. Instead, our team acts as your own digital personal shopper, pulling products from all over the internet and suggesting ways you could incorporate them into your wardrobe if you decide to buy them for yourself.

By doing this, we’re able to offer way more variety than what those other shopping services can…and you wind up with a wardrobe that’s truly just for you.

“How much is it?”

In a Wardrobe Refresh for $159, your personal shopper will share style inspiration to shake up your wardrobe for the season, or help you pick out a full outfit.

Ready to go all in? A Wardrobe Reboot is $299 will help you transofrm your wardrobe, with your personal shopper helping you select new items to overhaul your personal and professional style.

“Who will I be talking to?”

chat icons

You’ll work with a member of the SG team—directly, confidentially, and always one-on-one. 

“What about the blog?”

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First of all, we prefer to call it a “digital men’s lifestyle resource,” but don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. We love sharing lifestyle shortcuts and shopping picks with you. Adding an on-demand shopping service means we can now offer even more personalized support. Which is awesome.

“Can I shop with someone in-person?”

For fans far and wide: hang tight. Our plan is to take over the world, one stylish and confident guy at a time. We’re online only for now, but that could change in the future!

“Are you getting enough sleep?”

Definitely not.

>> Check it out here!C

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