Style Girlfriend x Quarterly: What You Missed!

Style Girlfriend x Quarterly: What You Missed!

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 19 2018 | 5 min read

Or for you smart fellas who signed up in time, what you got!

As you guys might remember, I’ve partnered with subscription service Quarterly to help get the Style Girlfriend gospel out to guys (and a few open-minded ladies!) everywhere four wonderful times a year.

My first package went out last month, and I wanted to tell you more about it here. The theme: “Back to Basics.” As you guys know by now, a man’s style is about so much more than the clothes he wears. It’s about the way he wears those clothes, how he carries himself, the attitude he projects, the care he puts into his work, even the food he chooses to put in his body, and the artwork he hangs on his wall. It’s about approaching each aspect of your life with intention and thoughtfulness.

And what I realized was, the decision to live a life of style and intention begins again every morning. For me, it’s in the shower. That’s when I think about the outfit I want to wear that day, the tasks I have to tackle, the people I’m going to see, the words I’m going to put up on this site.

The #SGF01 “Back to Basics” package, then, was filled with the good stuff you need to get ready every morning, so subscribers could stop and think about how they can live a more stylish life whenever they use the products included in #SGF01.

So here’s the breakdown for #SGF01. If you want to get in on the fun for round 2, sign up here.



The men’s grooming brand Ursa Major hits a great sweet spot for guys – cool packaging, quality products.

What’s not to love? Like:

1. They’re super-concentrated. Low-lather formulas mean guys get to use less, so the products last longer. This benefit comes in especially handy with the Stellar Shave Cream, whose low-foaming cream helps you track your shave while avoiding sensitive areas.
2. They’re all-natural. The Fantastic Face Wash removes oil and grime and exfoliates your skin with zero toxins or synthetic chemicals.
3. They’re time savers. The 4-in-1 Facial Toner is amazing when you really, r-e-a-a-a-a-l-l-y don’t want to wash your face at the end of the night, but know you’ll be paying for it later (hello, Zit on Tip of Nose) if you don’t perform at least a minimum of maintenance. A few quick swipes and you’re on your way to slumberland, free of worry about what your face will look like in the morning.



Anyone who’s a regular reader of Style Girlfriend knows I’ve been riding the Soap+Sponge bandwagon for awhile.

Guys have a tendency to let their showers turn into grooming product cemeteries – littered with crumpled-up washcloths, ratty old loofas, dried-out soap bars, and body poufs that have been there for I don’t even want to know how long.

Meaning the stuff that’s supposed to get you clean needs its own clean-up crew.

Which is why I had to include this glycerin soap from Cleanlogic, which comes wrapped around a natural fiber, antimicrobial sponge. You get all that good cleansing and exfoliation action, and you know exactly when to throw it away because, well, after awhile, all that’s left is the sponge. Oh, and while you might worry that lavender isn’t a manly scent, every guy I smell-tested it with gave it two manly thumbs up.


I’m kind of obsessed with recommending this lotion from Sebamed to guys because it’s PH-balanced, meaning you can use it on your face and your body (usually a big no-no).

Because for whatever reason, guys rarely buy body lotion. Face lotion, sure. After shave, maybe. But body lotion? It seems most men have decided that’s women’s territory. But guess what? Us ladies have great skin that you love to touch, and that soft skin doesn’t just happen. That’s why it’s my mission in life to convert more guys to become moisturizer aficionados.



With all the new goodies for guys’ morning grooming routine, I wanted to make sure they had something to carry them all in. So I was ridiculously psyched to work with the fine folks at Flight 001 to help me get this Dopp kit in #SGF01.

I was introduced to their brand last year, and have been a fan ever since (look for a review of their Spacepak series here later this month) The brand is known for their well-made, inventive products, and duh, the inside is orange, which is my favorite color (and should be everyone else’s too – who doesn’t love orange?).

This Dopp kit, from their exclusive “Flyer Series” is big enough to hold all your stuff, but not so big it becomes bulky, while the nylon material makes it easy to clean. I recommended subscribers keep this bad boy in their suitcase for when you travel, or on the counter in their bathrooms just to corral all their grooming goods in one place.

Also great? My new Quarterly neighbor, Pharrell Williams. The producer/rapper/all-around cool guy’s chosen theme is “Curiosity,” which could mean…pretty much anything, which I think is awesome. Of course, my blind excitement might have something to do with the fact that the first N.E.R.D. album played on a near constant loop on my iPod for a months-long stretch in college…


Tell me:

Did you get #SGF01? What’da ya think? What are you hoping to find in #SGF02?

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