Style Hack: Casual Friday in Drawstring Jogger Pants

Day 5 of #NoJeansJanuary

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Yep, you guys read that right. Drawstring pants can be stylish enough to hit the town and not look like you’re one breakfast burrito away from wearing pajamas in public. When going the more casual route in joggers, make sure that each piece brings something unique to the table. The eye will naturally shoot to your footwear, so choose a non-athletic (read: not the ones you use to workout) sneaker that highlights the details in your shirt and accessories. Wearing a tee? Keep it simple with one main graphic or pattern while avoiding oversized logos…and ironic slogans. Since this is squarely on the casual spectrum, a nylon weekender watch, upgraded hoodie, and beanie are all fitting additions.

Your casual Friday style hack in drawstring jogger pants:

Pants: Publish Sprinter, $84 | Sweater: H&M, $40 | Sneakers: Bar III, $61

Tee: Saturdays Surf NYC, $30 | Hat: Bickley + Mitchell, $45 | Socks: Pair of Thieves, $10

Watch: Timex, $36 | Shampoo: Malin + Goetz, $22

Wear it well: Joggers can be daunting; especially if you’ve never styled them before. That being said…joggers can also be oh so cool (and comfortable) when you get it right.  Here are some tips to ease into athleisure with confidence:

When to wear ’em:

  • Showing off interesting sneakers and unexpected footwear like derbies or boots.
  • Leveling-up casual wear by swapping sweats for their chino alternative.
  • Mixing up your pant circuit in a way that seamlessly incorporates into your existing wardrobe.
  • Drawing the eye downwards which can actually create a lengthening effect.

What to avoid:

  • When dressing up joggers with a button down or blazer, choose fabric carefully. Steer clear from thin cotton (unless you’re in all-around activewear) and look towards a wool trouser or a classic chino version instead.
  • Drop-crotch joggers. You’ve probably seen Justin Bieber and other trendy celebs wearing them but hear us out: they just.don’ The silhouette reads more toddler than adult man because of the droopy proportions.

Pro tips:

  • Start with a pair of chino joggers that button first. This way you’ll be able to try them out by swapping them into an exact outfit where you would normally find chinos.
  • Opt for a neutral color like khaki, black, or navy. Once you’ve nailed these down, you’ll feel comfortable branching out into olive or even wool trousers.



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